Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Like the Way You Pink It

Well, life certainly slowed down this week and I'm so grateful for it. After the exhaustion from the last few weeks, my body needed some catch up time, so, since I also didn't have Korean class this week, I was pretty lazy. 

Camp also truly commenced. My kids are reading Little Red Riding Hood in my more advanced class and learning basic grammar in my beginner class. Because I teach alone, it's a huge blessing that I've learned some Korean, as it relieves some of the frustrations that both my students and I feel when we don't understand something. The difference in the levels is a little annoying, but camp is... well... at least it's going. The plus side is that prep is more minimal this year, so my afternoons are mostly free. I need to start studying this week, but last week I spent a lot of time watching TV and napping. I think my body needed it. The 3 day weekend also helped. 

1 more week!

my school has been adding new things to the stairs, like
English proverbs and idioms

The latest in my skincare obsession~ they had
a sale at innisfree so I could buy my beloved
orchid cream! YESSSS

The lady gave me lots of samples because
I spoke Korean to her

Because my co worker didn't really discuss one of the crafts with me (I would have vetoed it for difficulty), one of the camp days went late and bad. The kids had to leave, and being little dummies that they are, just left all of their garbage around -__-

Christina Teacher had many words for her students after she cleaned up the entire classroom for like an hour...

On Thursday, we had a ramen party (another idea from my co... I would never give 30 children cups of boiling hot water, no matter how accustomed to it they are)

Mine ended up being the leftover black bean
sauce noodles that nobody else wanted,
but I really like them. 

No disasters from the ramen party tho!

noooo i never wanna see this again

Late in the week, our dance studio put up some pictures of us from the show~


Rhythm Ta

Rhythm Ta


"This is just a rhythm so get on it~"
hmm sounds better in Korean...

Cesca and I spent a quiet NYE at home, because Cesca is sick again :( and I'm not big into partying it up.

We skyped our parents and rang in the new
year with them (14 hours early for them)

I don't really see the new year as a big deal or a new start.. it's just time passing, but it's interesting that another year has passed for me in Korea. I had some great adventures this year, finally went to Japan and made some great new friends. For me, 2015 was a pretty great year.

So all I can hope for is an even better 2016. I don't know where in the world I will go this year, but I'm hoping for some awesome adventures. 

Cesca and I were lazing around on Friday when Grace invited us to go ice skating with her and her BF. Spending the first day of the new year with some of my favorite people in Korea was pretty fabulous and fun. Even if Ces and I got awkwardly hit on at the ice rink.

They made us wear helmets and gloves

being silly while they zamboni the ice

the silly couple skating

Grace noticed us

we finished the evening off with cake and
drinks at our hangout, Coffee Bean 

I have no idea what these are, but they're maple
syrup flavored fluffy crispy things and they
are amazing. 

On Saturday, Cesca and I met Lauren in Hongdae and saw the new Star Wars movie, which I'd vaguely wanted to see. I'm not a star wars nerd or anything, so I barely remember the basics of the story, but it was very nostalgic and fun. My favorite part was dramatic, angtsy Kylo Ren and Rey being a badass. It was great. We had dinner and ice cream and had a great time catching up.

Our dance class resumed normalcy on Sunday, but as we arrived, we found out our teacher's grandma had passed away, so the studio owner taught us. She's a lot less scary when we're doing regular Sunday class rather than the anniversary performance, and she seemed to really enjoy teaching us, so we had a great day.

We learned EXID's Hot Pink, so we of course all dressed up in, what else? PINK!!!

 It  also feels great to not be at the studio for 8 hours haha.

Hopefully they will post our video soon~ Feels weird to be back to normal, after all the prep for the show, but my body is happy. And I was super excited to learn a girl group dance, so today was just fabulous!

I like the way you pink it~

For me, it was a great start to the new year and I hope that 2016 if full of fun, adventure, love and many many good things!


The dance we learned today... Cute, sexy, hips and body waves... After months of boy groups, this felt amaaaaaaazing.

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