Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ooh Ahh Camp is Over!!!

The second week of camp passed quickly and easily, mostly thanks to Hae In being my co teacher for week two. She teaches 1st grade now, so she was good at helping  me simplify some of the tasks my handler left for us to do. Plus, it was really nice to just get to teach and hang out with her again. 

So yes, another camp has come to a close. As I get closer to finalizing my decision to leave Korea (it's still up in the air but much more on the going home side), camp is one of the things I'm relieved I would hopefully never have to do again haha. It's sometimes a pain, but I had good kids this time, so that was nice. 

Because of camp, I had to make meals for the week, and so I had a little bit of a culinary adventure.

These are quail eggs

There's a side dish I really like called 메추리알 장조림, which totally just means "quail eggs in soy sauce." They're sooooo delicious and, since I had some time Monday for meal prep, I decided to try making them. They're pretty easy to make, you just hard boil the quail eggs, peel them (the most time consuming and hardest part) and then put them back on the stove top with some soy sauce (and some recipes include sugar).You boil down the sauce and voila. You have quail eggs in soy sauce. You can top it with sesame oil or seeds too. 

By themselves, they're a little salty, but they turned
out super well! I'm excited!!!
I didn't have Korean class last week, so I had to get back into the rhythm this week.

I have good news! Kind of! 

I moved up a level in Korean class! After over a year of studying intermediate level, I finally moved up to...

wheeeee advanced

This book has no English translations or definitions, so it's a lot harder. I have to work like 10 times harder... But I feel good.

The ultimate gift from a student in the winter,
hand warmers or hot packs

met up with Lauren and Cesca for Wednesday
night wing night

finished it off with a stormtrooper shake

this is me studying korean really hard 

My kids even made some props for their
role play, Little Red Riding Hood. CUTE

my school accidentally locked me upstairs
Friday... guess someone closed the
door too early haha. No worries, they
were still in the office.

On Friday, we met up for fun and food with some friends
from the studio. We all got close after being at
the studio for hoooooours
On Saturday, Cesca and I didn't feel like leaving my apartment till we needed too (haha, camp makes me lazy), so we tried ordering from a delivery service I avoided cause it's only in Korean.

we got "chinese food"
it's actually jajangmyeon, black bean noodles. It's not really
Chinese, just Korean style

all for only 15,000 won. What a steal!

Later that night, we went and met Grace and her BF for a fun evening. We ended up on the wrong bus, but it got us kind of close to where we needed to go and we got to walk through a pretty tunnel. I like the street art here.

Grace's BF really likes fishing, so he found a fishing cafe a while ago. They took us there and it was really interesting. The owner taught us how to put bait on the hook and what to look for with fish. When you catch one, you weigh it at a station and you can get points if it weighs certain amounts.You can build up points for prizes.

Grace is super good at catching them but she
doesn't like actually touching them haha

Cesca's last fish was HUGE

The cafe (it wasn't really a cafe where you drink coffee though haha) also had a puppy so we didn't want to leave.

Cesca and I also did a little bit of shopping over the weekend, mostly cause we found cute socks in hongdae and wanted some.

Korea is land of the cute socks.

Today at dance, after a fun class learning Like Ooh Ahh by Twice, vids below, we had a small party to watch the 10 year anniversary performance. It was fun and embarrassing at the same time. Awesome cause we got to see the video of us KILLING our dance, annoying cause we had to live through the embarrassing skits again!!!

It was fun to hang out with people again. We got to say it was fun and that we were glad us foreigners got to be included. 

I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but I'm cat sitting for Lauren while she is in Japan and studying for the TOPIK test. I'm trying to gauge where I am, so this coming test is really just for me to see how close to passing level 3 I am. Am I close, or do I need to work a billion times harder for the next test? I plan on passing 3 before I leave, so I hope I'm pretty close.

Wish me luck!!

Today at dance class, we did Twice's Like Ooh Ahh, which I talked about a few weeks ago because it's catchy and cute and I love it. It was so fun to do a cute girl group again. 

This is our best one, starts at 30 seconds.

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