Monday, August 15, 2016

Cats, Tours and a Whole Lot More!

My computer decided to take 3 hours to update last night, so my blog got delayed. With my comp out of commission,it did give me a chance to get started on more organizing and cleaning, so I guess it was a good thing...

I'm trying to just do a little at a time to get the place cleaned up... but packing my clothes is gonna have to be the last thing, since I still have 2 weeks left of living here to get through!

Monday was my last day deskwarming, so I got nostalgic
at school. I will always remember when I was
Christina Seon Saeng Nim... Christina Teacher...

Goodbye English room

The room I spent 3 years of my life using

Remembering the fond memories in my office

It wasn't always easy, but it's been a blast

Goodbye, desk. I think I used you well~

My vacation timing was perfect, since Lauren and her BF finally got vacation time together (he's so busy at the hospital it's hard for them to spend time together) so they went on a trip and I got to cat sit again. Lauren and Ga Hyeon call him Poopy now since he poops a lot, but he will always be Oliver to me.

He was a little wary of me at first

we had fun together

While I was staying across town at Lauren's, the timing also worked because Ces was out on the Dokdo trip. I would have been alone anyway, but instead I got to hang with a cat.

On Tuesday, Grace invited me to the Doosan Bears game, and since I was at Lauren's the stadium was closer than normal. I don't care for baseball enough to independently seek tickets, but I usually go when someone invites me and the schedule works. Korean baseball games are so fun because the atmosphere is so lively. Each player has multiple songs people sing to cheer them on, and it is just so energetic!

She's a big fan. I get into any sport I'm watching so it was fun

Take me out to the ball game~ 

Our sad faces because the forecast said 0% chance
of rain and then it POURED. I TRUST NO ONE 

Some of her friends from France were visiting and got to enjoy
the game too! They were really nice and interested in our
lives in Korea

Apparently this is French style
picture taking

Waiting while the rain paused the game. Of course
we had better seats this time, which
meant they got soaked when it rained.

We got to meet the Doosan Bear though. Clearly I was excited

The rain stopped, they cleared the field, and
Doosan won! It was an exciting game!

On Wednesday, I hung out with the cat and attempted to make progress on my getting ready to leave stuff by calling my internet and cell phone provider. I got some info, but can't really do much till the end of my time here. So... at least I know the info?

Helen wanted to go to Costco, so I met up with her since it's right outside of Lauren's place. It was nice to have a visitor to meet!

On Thursday, Cesca and I met up with Grace to tackle our pension. We pay into the pension plan as gov't workers here, but America has a treaty with Korea wherein I get all that money back when I leave. Killer, right?

After checking, checking and re checking that I had everything, I headed over to Cesca's. Turns out that district pension office is literally across the street from her bus stop. Talk about great luck! Usually I dread going to anything official, like the bank, post office or immigration, because there can be a language barrier and things can be tough. But the universe smiled upon us and the lady was super nice, helpful and effiecient. Nobody else was there, so we were in and out in no time, and my pension money transfer will be taken care of after my contract ends. What a relief!

Then we had dance practice for our final show in Korea. It's stressing me out big time, but we are actually making decent progress, so that's helping.

On Friday, we embarked on a Korea bucket list- visiting the Blue House, or Cheong Wa Dae. 

You have to book this tour really far in advance, and they usually don't offer them at times we could go, but the stars aligned and we had vacation when they offered the tours (sometimes they don't offer them during common vacation seasons). Lauren, Cesca and I decided it was something cool to see so we signed up ages ago.

It wasn't the most wonderful tour, and it was hot as hell that day, but it was an experience to see where the Korean President lives and works. Well, we got to see the outside of everything haha 

Our first stop told us we could only take pics with this tree
as the background 

The actual blue house

Excited to see it

Someone started getting yelled at for trying to go find some shade
off the pre-determined tour path haha. Ces caught it on camera
It was pretty hot and the tour really talked about a lot of trees for some reason, and there wasn't a ton of information, but I'm sure that's a security issue. It isn't as extensive as a White House tour, but it's cool to say we got to see it.

This is where State dinners are hosted and such. So official

We had fun even though we all melted
It's been a crammed week. After the Blue House Tour, we had dance practice again. Ces and I slept in a bit to recover then headed out on Saturday to see our other favorite ballet, Giselle. We got to see Swan Lake earlier this year, and it was awesome to see the classic Giselle (last year we went to a re imagined on that was interesting but not Giselle at all...)

Helen joined us and we had a lovely time seeing the ballet, then catching up over dinner and coffee.

We found a super cute cafe with non expensive,
adorable and delicious drinks!

I also tried a press on gel manicure thing. Feels weird
but they're holding up well and look cute!

I've been on and off under the weather lately, so I didn't do dance class sunday, because the song they learned was really hard. But I went to lend my support (and help play the music haha) so it was fun to observe. The dance looked good but I don't think I would have had the energy to do it then practice after.

We had practice after, and then hung out and got barbecue for dinner with our group. Then ice cream. Then we just hung out. That's more of the fun of these dance things. Bonding through our exhaustion and misery. It was a great way to spend Sunday.

I headed home intending to do some things on my computer, like blog and email some people, but my computer decided it needed to do a massive overhaul update for THREE FREAKING HOURS.

It made me be productive though. Got laundry done and started my cleaning process, which I will have to continue every day. My goal is just slow and steady will clean up this place haha.

Wooooo down to two weeks. So much to do, so little time! I hope I can finish it all!

I know I'll regret missimg some things while I was here, but that always happens. I'll do my best to hit the big points that I've wanted to do. Another full week awaits, so I've got to get my head in the game! Wish me luck and send me good packing and fun vibes!!

See you in 2 weeks, America!

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