Monday, August 8, 2016

All Shall Be Well

Another week of camp finished, and as I'm writing this blog, I'm sitting at school for my last day of deskwarming! Crazy how time flies. It's been nearly three years here, and all the sudden, it's basically over. I have 3 weeks left until my flight home, and while there's lots to do, I'm getting excited to be back in the USA. 

Korea and camp still left me with a few adventures, like snail cream.

Things I never imagined I would use in a skin
care routine that are now a regular part of my routine.
Snail cream. 

I wanted to get Sun Kyung a gift because she worked hard for camp and for helping me, and I know I am making a lot of work for her by leaving. I know it's her job, but I appreciate the willingness to help nonetheless. 

She likes minions things, and coincidentally, one of the beauty stores was having a minions themed collaboration, which resulted in the perfect gifts!

At camp, we did some silly things to end the time here. I wanted to make cute book marks. My girls had other ideas. 

scary ghost bookmarks haha


I'm all about the ease this year for camp, so we did simple things like dominoes, where we set the kids to the task and give them like 30 min to do it themselves haha. Such a great teacher here.

Even though my school is up a killer hill, I'll miss
the flowers that pop up without notice or warning

water balloon tossing for our last day, because
it's hot and why not

post balloon carnage 

To celebrate being basically done with school, Cesca and I
got our hair done

I saw this quote in a magazine I was reading during my
hightlights session and it resonated. I need to keep it in mind
as I complete my final checklists of things to do

She's been dying to do the red for a while. It
looks rad


I mentioned that I haven't been feeling well, and had assumed it was because I was anxious about all the things i need to do before I come home. While that may be the case, after a visit to the doctor, I may have found a more substantive cause. After still feeling ill with no appetite, I went and got a blood test done, only to discover that I am pretty ridiculously deficient in vitamin D. 

Yeah, the one you get from the sun, that I avoid like the plague. My dedication to skincare that has suncare in it, along with riding the bus now that it's too hot to function outside, along with I'm sure many other factors, has led me to be quite under the recommended level. No other problems really in the blood test, so he thinks that's the cause of my not feeling great. It may not be the only cause, but it can certainly exacerbate symptoms if I have them. Vitamin D used to be just thought of as a bone and teeth strengthener, but the doctor told me basically if my level increases, my overall health will. I had to get a shot (ugh) and should be more vigilante, but hopefully I'm on the road to recovery!

The doctor and hair appointments took up most of Saturday, along with me taking a super nap cause this has been exhausting. We headed to dance class Sunday to learn one of my older favorite songs, Hush my Miss A. Our teacher as sick, so the owner taught us the dance. Ces, Pau and I are the only dedicated ones that showed up haha. But that made it more private, and so it was really fun!

My to do list is getting shorter, except for packing... sigh... but thinks are getting done. Ces is gone this week so I'm looking forward to relaxing with Lauren's cat, since I'm catsitting this week for a bit. I think some resting and alone time will do me some good before the last 2.5 weeks of getting ready to leave crazy kick in. 

It felt like the time flew, and OMG I only have 3 weeks, but these last few seem like they've been taking forever. How will the next 3 go? Guess I'll have to find out~

Wish me luck cat sitting, packing and finishing up some important stuff! It's gonna be a doozy finishing all this, but I know a mamma hug and some kitty cuddles are just 3 weeks away!!!

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