Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventures on an Island!

After arriving in Sorrento the previous night, the next morning was dedicated to an excursion to the nearby island of Capri. Capri is famous for The Blue Grotto, which we were all super excited to see.

We had to take a 25 minute ferry ride to the island, so we decided to sit outside to enjoy the scenery. This probably wasn't the best idea, since the wind was quite strong, but it was fun to see anyway.

Because of the view, this hotel is the most expensive in Sorrento.
Rooms cost 800 euro a night!

Waiting for our ferry!

Capri in the distance

it's only a tad bit windy

The Island of Capri

After arriving, we hopped on a little boat to take us to the grotto. Now, I don't know what I was expecting, but getting in and out of the grotto is a little more intense than I thought. The hole is very small, so you actually have to lay down in the boat while the oarman basically lays on top of the people in the back and pulls the boat in via a hanging chain. It was, um, interesting. But once inside, it was totally worth it. It was beautiful, and the oarsmen of the various boats "sing old Neapolitan songs" according to my guidebook. Apparently the only Neapolitan song any of these men knew was O Sole Mio but whatever. It was still cool. Especially since it was the first day of the season that the Grotto was actually open. Score!


there are white stones at the bottom that reflect the sunlight,
making the water a very cool azure color

pictures don't do it justice

Afterwards, our guide took us exploring to the various small parts of the Island, including the actual city Capri and Anacapri. We got to the top and saw a chairlift, and decided to take it all the way to the top. It was a slightly terrifying 12 minute ride up, but the views were totally worth it. Another scary trip back down and we got to head to lunch.

Oh you know, just lemon trees in people's gardens
see that road? We were gonna have to drive up there
View from the scary road

They only have minibuses here. The roads are too small
and too dangerous for normal sized buses

getting on the chairlift

atmospheric shot

the water from above. So clear!

DiCillo girls at the top of Capri!


goin back down

After lunch, we explored the beach/harbor a bit and hopped back on the ferry to Sorrento. Cesca and I took catnaps on the boat, then afterwards when we got back, after relaxing for a bit and getting used to being on land again, explored Sorrento a little bit. It's a beautiful, small town, and since it isn't high tourist season, it wasn't too crowded. We made tentative plans to explore the Amalfi Coast on our last day in the South, and off to bed we went.

we had a great day!

Ciao for now!

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