Thursday, March 15, 2012

World's Best Gelato

Yesterday, our Presence of the Past class had it's first of two field studies outside of the city. We unfortunately had to take a tiny bus to said destination, which meant that I had to take motion sickness medicine, equalling a very groggy me for the first bit of our oh-so-interesting tour and discussion of frescoes.

There were some interesting facts though: San Gimignano is the city that we visited. It is famous for being a medieval city that, like Siena, had a bunch of towers. These towers were built to show off how rich and powerful people were (cause if you were rich and powerful you could afford to build and live in an uncomfortably small but tall space). When Florence took over Siena, the nobles knocked down all the towers to demoralize the Sienese and get rid of their objects of power. San Gimignano still has some, so that's cool

The Devil's Tower now sells pizza

More importantly, San Gimignano is home to a very important gelateria. It apparently won World's Best Gelato for 3 years in a row and is always crowded. It was DELICIOUS

 After hearing about more Madonna and Baby Jesus pictures, we had a little free time to wander around and see the views

I also noticed that Charlotte's cone had a great design. 

I also bought some wine. Contrary to Mom's belief that buying the cheapest bottle randomly at the store would not help me learn what kinds I liked, I did find out that I enjoy San Gimignano wine made from Vernaccia grapes just a week before we went. So of course I had to get some from the actual city! Mom, we can try it when I'm home so you can see how classy my taste buds have become.

In other news, I finally picked up the leather jacket I bought when I was in Florence with mom and Cesca- It had to be altered a bit and I didn't have a free day to pop over to Florence till today.

What do you all think?

I love it

I also stopped by the video store that was having a sale today and bought a couple of my favorite movies in Italian. Now I can add Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Howl's Moving Castle and The Nightmare Before Christmas to my list. It may seem silly to buy these movies in Italian (especially since I have both Howl's and Nightmare in English at home) but knowing that I will be returning to America soon without too many people who will tolerate or understand me speaking Italian, I'm going to need some way to keep it on my mind and keep practicing. Reading and watching movies will definitely help, so I'm looking forward to my own Italian movie nights!

Heading to Lucca tomorrow bright and early before checking out the discoteca! Can't wait!

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