Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nothing new

Sorry friends and family! Nothing new to report so far, as this week has been filled with studying and midterms. I took my hardest one today (Presence of the Past-aka Art History HELL) and while I'm certain that I mangled the poor Italian language, I think it went ok.

Other than that, I had economics, the Black Death and an Italian midterm to study for, and tonight I'm busy prepping for my Italian presentation tomorrow. Should be a piece of cake, especially after 2 hours of writing down everything you know about art in Siena. Fun times.

You probably won't hear from me until after Spring Break, which starts Friday when I head to Spain! I'm seeing my lovely friend Liz there, heading to Portugal to hang by the beach, and finishing up with a visit to see my bestie Nic in Switzerland! I don't know how I always end up doing 3 countries on Spring Break, but this time it's only 3 cities, not like 9. Hopefully it will be a bit more chill, but just as fun!

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather at home! Ciao tutti!

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