Friday, July 13, 2012

1 Month Til Vegas

I am super excited that in 1 month, I will be packed and ready to go to Vegas. I can't wait because it's a big trip for my friends and I, plus I'm obviously going to see Phantom, the Las Vegas Spectacular before it closes. EXCITED!!! We're also staying at Circus Circus, which has an amusement park inside. On our list of  things to visit:

The roller coaster at New York, New York, Caesar's Palace, The "Eiffel Tower," the gondola ride at the Venetian (where Phantom plays!) and lots of casinos. Oooooh yeah, so excited. Also, apparently there is one bar where you get free drinks if you have a tattoo- 3/4 of us have one, so we will definitely be hitting that up.

I also can't wait to be done with BK because it's just one thing after another. An inspector is supposed to be coming soon, which means Smoothie King became Chicken King which has now become Cleaning King. For the past week I've had to scrub, degrease and polish everything from the walls to the freezers to the garbage cans (inside and out. UGH). Because my arm is apparently like 40 years older than the rest of my body, my wrist through my shoulder have been perpetually in pain for the last week since all I've done is scrub. I've also not stayed my assigned shift in the last few days. I've either been called in early, stayed late or in fact done both. Aaaaah the life of a minimum wage worker. At least I'll be able to afford food next semester!

In other news, my body has now succumbed to my lactose intolerance to the point where I gave in to taking lactose pills before anything more than a piece of cheese. It's quite annoying because sometimes (like tonight) I forget them at work, or I don't take 2 pills when I should, or I run out, but if I want to enjoy dessert I usually need them. Annoyingly lame, but I'm not ready to give up on my beloved diary products yet.

Well, my 4 hour turned 7.5 hour shift was quite busy today, so Cesca and I are treating ourselves to a nice glass of vino, or vinho (pronounced veen-yoo in portuguese). Tomorrow is Day 4 of working late night at BK, and I can't say I'll be upset when it's all over. Hope everyone is staying cool and having fun! Can't wait to see my IC friends soon! It's been so long!

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