Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chicken King and Other Things

If you missed the commercials this weekend, you missed what could possibly be the worst promotion in the history of Burger King. This past weekend, original chicken sandwiches went on sale for $1.04 instead of their usual like $4. This proved to be a nightmare for us workers, and Cesca and I ended up doubling our hours this weekend because we had to stay so much extra time to help out.

What the hell do you need 20 freaking chicken sandwiches for??? It seems to me that Karma doesn't exist at Burger King. The last 3 shifts I have have almost doubled, meaning I was at Burger King about 200% more time than I want to be there. But you'd think that doing a nice thing for people, karma might reward me for helping out my fellow BK-ers. Nope. The last 3 shifts have been hell and awful. It's days like those that make me fear what might happen if I don't find a job after college- that I'll be stuck at Burger King for ages with no hope of a better life. I know that's extreme, but sometimes it feels like you're never going to get out. But what I always keep in mind on bad days is that eventually my shift will end and I will get to go home and be happy and relaxed again...

Or I will go to the movies and see awesome things like Brave- it was really great, Merida has awesome curly hair and the main conflict in the movie was a great surprise (the trailers don't tell you what the main problem is- you might be like Cesca and figure it out moments before it happens!)  Loved it. Also might have found a Halloween costume for this year.

I also saw Magic Mike last night, which was basically just a 'let's look at hot guys' movie. Which, after a weekend of hell at Burger King, was most welcome. Until it tried to have a plotline. No no no. The one they chose was stupid- my friends and I thought of like 5 better ideas on the way home. But the scenes were Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer were shirtless were definitely worth the cost of a movie ticket. Mmm.

Not much planned for the 4th. I'm working (again) and Ted, Cesca and I might see a movie after I get out- We're thinking Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Ted. Not sure. Dad might join us too!  Cesca and I have also started replaying Final Fantasy 8 so our friend Ronnie can see the awesomeness that was pre-PS3 Final Fantasy. I'm a dork, I know.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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