Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1 week till Vegas!!! (And Ren Fest and other things)

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaah I'm so excited! I can't believe it is almost time!  In a week I'll be all packed and ready to go!

Things are going fast this summer- I can't believe it is already August! I only have 3 days left to work at Burger King, and I couldn't be happier. Things have started to go really downhill there, and this summer has been endlessly frustrating. Transitioning back to America is really difficult when all you see are rude, horrible customers that treat you like dirt. Some days I just feel like shouting that I've done more in the last 2 years than most of these people hope to accomplish. That's probably a bit rude, but when you're treated like a servant and less of a human day in and day out, it is hard to keep your head up. But I have good friends there, and we employees band together and try to laugh it off. Sometimes that is all you can do.

Ren Fest has come and gone, and that's usually a sign that summer is ending. This year, in the spirit of new experiences and my love of Scotland, we attended the Highland Fling Weekend, with all of it's bagpip-ey goodness. It was such fun, as it always is, despite the tremendous downpour we endured. We're in the middle of a horrible draught and this is an amazingly dry summer, but the ONE DAY we choose to venture 3 hours away in the name of Renaissance adventure, it chooses to storm and pour. Thankfully we waited the weather out and took advantage of the thinned out crowd. Ren Fest year 4 did not disappoint.

Katrina is the corset master- we take it very seriously
and tighten them up well. Breathing isn't that important,

Rockin our Renaissance shades haha

This was very exciting
Cesca bought a lovely new corset and
then decided to chow down on a turkey leg

Caber tossing!


Getting my Katniss/Merida on


We LOVE Ren Fest

Drinking at Ren Fest for the first time- mead, wine and
beer! Huzzah!

Livin it up!

Despite the rain, we decided to give the axe
throw a go- note- it's as hard as it would seem

Katrina and I bought hats- ignore my 'drowned rat' look-
it rained quite a lot

Enjoying some highland dancing

and some bagpiping 

I'm such a creeper but this kid was adorable

But, hands down, the best picture of the day was definitely this one:

Could I have managed to get a more awkward pic?

Ren Fest is so much fun that we are already planning to go next year. I think it will be something I always try to do, even if I don't go to Sterling every year, I'll find one wherever I'm living!

Other things.

My fun story of the day comes from my parents. We arrived home around 10:25 and my mom was in the kitchen. She told us they had spent 2.5 hours at the animal hospital with Nymeria. Extremely concerned, we asked what was wrong. Apparently, Nymeria is older than we thought and is actually in heat. HAHAHAHAHA. In retrospect, my parents thought it was funny (and are thoroughly embarrassed, despite the fact that the vet said it happened all the time) and it is understandable, since we have all boy cats and have never dealt with a female cat before. She's getting spayed soon so hopefully that fixes it, but I thought it was quite amusing.

In my last piece of news, I finally watched and finished Downton Abbey. I'm so late on the bandwagon, since it's 2 seasons old, but if you like British accents and period pieces, definitely check this one out. The costumes alone are worth the watch! Aaand that's my recommendation for you.

Back to IC 2.5 weeks for Senior year. YIKES.

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