Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I love Kpop and you should too

So, I'm sitting here deskwarming since I have all of Wednesday and 90% of Thursday planned and ready to go.

I can't post pics on my blog when I'm at school, so I can't do a regular update, but I made a discovery today- if you put a kpop song on in class, your class will pay attention. So I decided that every so often (or whenever I feel like it, really), I am going to post kpop songs that I like. Feel free to have a listen, they're often a.) really catchy and b.) really entertaining. Or disturbing. Or both.

On today's menu:

This is G-Dragon, a popular artist who is also well known for being a part of the super popular group, Big Bang. More from them another day. This song is from his solo album, Heartbreaker and I LOVE IT.

Also, to be clear, G-Dragon's name is Kwon Ji Yong, and Yong in Chinese means dragon. So his name isn't just some random name he picked, it actually makes sense, which is pretty cool.

B1A4- Baby Goodnight. Tons of kpop songs use English as their titles or as parts of the refrain. Sometimes they turn out well. Sometimes the English is o.O but I can only imagine what any Korean would sound like in English songs.

Anyway, I LOVE this video because the song is awesome and the vid is adorable. B1A4 is super popular, especially with my 6th graders. I was informed that their name comes from the fact that 1 of their members has a B blood type and the other 4 are A. So yeah, blood type. It's a big deal here.

Yeah, G-dragon again. He's stuck in my head a lot lately, mostly cause his songs/videos are really trippy but I like them. And I like the songs as well. Coup d'etat is from his new album of the same name, and though G got a lot of flack for this video (if you watch, you may see the part that got him in trouble), I really like this song.

G-Dragon is also gaining popularity worldwide, having just performed with Missy Elliot. Maybe we will see more Kpop idols in the mainstream American media soon (they have started touring in some major cities, and with PSY's Gangnam style sparking an interest, perhaps kpop will soon be in your home as well).

Exo has a hip hop dubstep thing going on, and I haven't listened to them enough to decide how much I like them, but my 6th graders are OBSESSED with Exo. To the point where if I need to shut them up I tell them we might watch an Exo video if they behave. Then they behave.

But, those pants. Why?????

Shinee is also really popular with my students. I used this song during a pass the ball game (where when the music stops whoever has the ball has to answer the question or conjugate a verb, etc) and the students were jamming out in their seats.

Super Junior isn't as popular with my students cause they're an older group, but they are just fantastic and awesome. Charismatic, energetic, hilarious, with excellent dance skills and choreo, they're always proving that they're in for the long haul and they've still got it after all these years.

Hopefully I'll have time to write a big post about my weekend and monday (which was SUPER CRAZY EMBARRASSING AND FUN) later tonight when I go sit in a coffee shop for a few hours. I hope you have enjoyed this first glimpse (for many of you) into the vast world of kpop. I've only just scratched the surface myself, but I am digging it so far!


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