Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Using $5 wifi to post this

So I was bored last night and thought I would make a video talking about my experiences in Korea so far, especially since yesterday was my first day teaching for the whole day! I even wrote the lesson plan myself!!! SCARY!!!

I also thought you'd obviously want to hear the sound of my voice, which you can't do if you're, you know, reading.

Not sure if I'll keep up the videos, might make one or two when I have lots of observations to report. Once I have wifi it might be easier (or I'll forget about youtube videos and just watch a bunch of tv. Who knows).

In a week I will have my alien registration card and be able to do everything like set up a bank account, get internet in my apartment and get an actual cell phone plan!!! Then I won't have to spend $5 to get a coffee so that I can sit here and use the wifi!

Anywho, we had a coteaching workshop today, which meant I got to skip school today (though I was a bit sad, I had some good lessons planned for this week!) The education office took us on a field trip! We went to Namsan Tower and a the Hanock village we saw with EPIK (but we did some different stuff so it was cool!)

Sorry I find the Namsan Tower bear ADORABLE
even when he's sad!

Love locks!

Left: Tina
Right: both say "Happiness"

Back to teaching tomorrow, with a busy weekend planned! There's a party for EPIK teachers Friday, and Sarah, Lauren (my roomie from orientation) and I have plans to see some touristy things sunday and take a night bus tour of the city! And my co teachers have been telling me they want to take me out for Korean BBQ next week! I'm so excited! Can't wait!

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