Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quiet weekend

It's been a quiet weekend of watching K dramas and Korean movies with Sarah, and it also included brunch in Itaewon, which is a big foreigner hangout. I'm definitely getting lots of ideas about where I want to spend my first paycheck!!!

My co teachers took me to the cafe where Coffee Prince was filmed, because they know that it's one of my favorite K dramas, and then they took me out for dinner! It's nice to start getting to know them better, and letting them get to know me.

Samgyeopsal, which is like pork belly bbq. DELICOUS
plus soju. Always soju
Coffee Prince!!!

My co teachers were like TAKE A PIC

this is where they have their first kiss

And then they introduced me to The Master's Sun, which is my new favorite K drama. It's directed by the same person who did City Hunter, my other favorite k drama, and it is AWESOME. It's about a girl who, after an accident, can see ghosts, and they terrify and torment her, often asking for favors or just, you know, being scary. She can't have a normal life, that is, until she bumps into the CEO of a huge enterprise and discovers that if she touches him, the ghosts disappear. He's arrogant and closed off, thinking of people only in terms of their calculated worth to him (most of his issues come from the fact that he was kidnapped when he was 16 and his girlfriend died during the kidnapping, leading to trauma and emotional problems). She needs him to have a semi normal life, and he needs her to help him discover the mysteries surrounding his kidnapping all those years ago. AND IT'S CUTE AND FUNNY AND WONDERFUL. And it's also killing me, a fact that I will not hesitate to tell my coworkers tomorrow. It's also weird because it's still airing, which means I have to wait like them to find out what happens next. Usually I can't watch k dramas till they've already aired, so it's weird to be watching weekly like they do!!!


I made another vlog about random things the other day. I'm hoping that I'll be able to organize my thoughts more coherently eventually, so if there are any topics in particular you want me to talk about, let me know! I will either blog about them or make a video about it!!!


  1. Do they actually call you "Christina Teacher???" I guess that's better than what my 8th graders called me...."Koshie"

  2. I get Christina Teacher and just Christina most of the time. No nicknames yet

    1. Gotcha. What's their custom for addressing teachers?

    2. they either use full name or first name + "Teacher" or '선생님' (seon-saeng-nim). Title is always second. I could have asked them to call me Miss DiCillo or Miss Christina but I didn't really think that would be easier.

  3. I find the use of the first name bizarre...especially for an Asian country where surnames are everything.

    1. yeah but the surnames here are so common. So many family names are Park, Kim, Choi, or Lee. They do alphabetical by given name here, not last name, just because there are usually at least 5 people with the same last name in a class.