Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas cards and bubble wrap

Well, it's been pretty cold here, but that hasn't stopped me from having lots of fun! 

nutella covered tortillas. DELICIOUS

AKA my life

well. it finally snowed and stuck

Finally found apple crisp. AND IT

kids enjoying the snow

craisins, a potato wedge, cherry tomato,
pepper and bulgogi pizza... oooook

yes. yes it is.  I wish  it was way more
warmer now.

this guy was selling scarves and HE HAD

Thanks for letting me know!
This is also the last full week of classes before the kids go on break, and we've finished most of the textbook, so I'm doing Christmas activities with them. It's a good time. We made Christmas cards

this kid apparently loves Suzy from Miss A

They made pretty cards but were really embarrassed about
having their picture taken

Also, it's gotten super cold  here and the ondol (floor heating) is not as efficient as one would hope. So this is what I did this evening:

YES. Insulating my windows with bubble wrap. What is my life?!?!?

Also, it's been just about 4 months since I left the good old U. S. of A, and I think this is officially the longest I've been abroad, having been just shy of 4 months when I was in London and Italy. CRAZY. 

I still have to pinch myself sometimes. No way this is real life. 

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