Sunday, December 8, 2013

Role Plays, Wicked and other random things

So this week, my fourth graders were doing role plays with the dialogue "What did you do yesterday?" A large number of their skits alarmingly had to do with somebody beating someone else up...? The kids play fight a lot so I guess this isn't unreasonable. Young Ah and I were moderately concerned tho... Anyway, we decided the kids would have more fun if they got to dress up, so we got the wigs and hats out. They had fun!

he got kidnapped

yet another kidnapping

Here they come to save the day! 

Of course, I had to give it a whirl and have some fun. Yes, this is what I do for work on a regular basis. Mess around with kids and wigs. 

In other news, the smog from China was SUPER BAD this week, which is pretty annoying.

this is my friend Maria's view from school, post smog
and pre smog

Had to use the scarf mask cause it was
annoyingly thick
Other pics of the week: Street food. Fried things like fried dumplings, sweet potatoes and squid. Yes. I eat fried squid on a regular basis now. You can see some kimbap too, and ddoekbokki/tteokbokki, which is ricecakes in a spicy sauce. YUM.

that's the ddeokbokki

this is odeng, which are like fish

ricecakes appear again!
School pictures came back!
I think my skin was photoshopped to look that nice

Here are more pictures of my incredibly mature meerkat pajamas

Christmas lights are out too!

Other things

Tiramisu donut, the weirdest donut ever

COUPLE'S SWEATERS. Cause we're cool
like that

the theater got into decorating for it


and the elevator

sneaky (illegal?) shot

Finally, for your enjoyment, it's another segment of "Weird stuff I find in the store in Korea"

Angel Tears. Cause nothing completes your
skincare routine like angel tears.

I'm sorry. I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Well, that's all for now friends! I'm kind of nervous cause I'm giving speaking tests this week, which I'm sure the students are THRILLED about. Oof. I need another day between Sunday and Monday. Hope everyone has a good week!!

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