Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Christmas Cards and other holiday things

So I took lots of pictures of the Christmas cards the kids were making this week. Some of them even gave them to me!

This is the boy that tells me "Christina Teacher,
you are so beautiful! Saranghaeyo!" when he
wants to answer in class

I actually received a good amount from my students, with some other gems mixed in:

and then I cried a little. SO SWEET

haha they tried 

I love his message, "Thank you for birth." Apparently, that's
a common thing to write in Korean...

Serah lived in Dallas for a while so
her English is awesome. 

She's adorable 

 And these are from my 3rd graders, as the pop up card was a bit too complex for them to finish in 40 min

it was their last English class, so I also got a lot
of gifts of Vitamin C

Other stuff!

rockin a cat sweater

Young Ah was wearing a green sweater, so she was "tree teacher" while
I was wearing this and earned the nickname 'Santa teaacher' as well as
Christmas teacher
On Friday, we had an end of the semester staff dinner, which I was informed of at about 3:30 on Friday. I was also informed that none of my co teachers were coming. YIKES. Thankfully, one of the music teachers, Eun Kyeong, speaks pretty good English, so she stayed with me the whole time, and Hae In eventually showed up (she had been at a business meeting or something). Fridays are already a long day, and staff dinners are fun but tiring haha (you try being surrounded by a strange language all day and see how alert you are!), and the rest of the subject teachers really didn't feel like going to the noraebang (the principal loves going), and so we kind of snuck out right before the end of dinner so we didn't have to go. Which meant I could go home and curl up with my electric blanket!

And then on Saturday, I decided to head to the ballet!

Sarah and I went to see the Nutcracker! It
was fabulous!

SPOTTED: Phantom brochure. Tickets have been acquired!

Very European

And then I was shopping today and got some free stuff, including a face mask.

Weirdest. Thing Ever. 

Soooo that's my life! If I don't update before then, Merry Christmas everyone!!!! I'll be spending the day watching movies and drinking wine with my lovely fellow waygookin! Buon Natale!!!

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  1. ...did one of those cards say "dear zombie" and something about their parents' blood?!?