Sunday, January 5, 2014

A cool museum and camp

I don't have much to say about New Year's. I happily got to skype my family (in 2014, while they were still in 2013!). It's strange to think that 2013 is when I graduated. It seems so long ago!  It was also the year that I packed up my life for the craziest adventure yet, and so far I'm delighted with my decision to move to South Korea. This is the longest I've been abroad/away from home, but so far I'm not crazy homesick (just occasionally), and I'm having a blast.2013 was pretty crazy and saw me do things I never imagined, so I cannot wait to see what Seoul has in store for me in 2014!

Now onto my life.

Winter camp is going well!

doing a role play- one of the kids wanted to be the dog

doing a step relay

they could only walk on the puzzle pieces

then they got to make canapes

This is cream. CRAZY

Seo Hyeon and I like to take pictures of the students when
they are distracted, because if they see us, they'll hide


Making paper hats
the result of origami day- my worst nightmare
I SUCK at origami.
 In our quest for Big Bang tickets (for my friends that didn't win them), we went to a PC room (PC bang) for the first time!

they're actually quite nice

This is Lauren's "Imma get those tix" face
Sarah ended up getting 3 more tickets, so all of my Big Bang obsessed friends get to go! Sarah has the best luck with Big Bang, apparently...


And this weekend we went to a trick eye museum in Insadong, which is just a freaking awesome and fun place to hang out.

still mostly have my splits 4 years after I stopped doing
ballet consistently!

Not sure why, but there was a parade in Insadong (an area that has a lot of traditional korean crafts)

Then we went to a noraebang!

1 week of winter camp left!

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