Monday, January 27, 2014

Big Bang Solo Stuff I Love

Big Bang is unique in that ALL of the members have solo stuff on the side, and most of it is pretty awesome. They're awesome separately, and AMAZING together. That's why they're perfect.

Other solo things I've mentioned in the other posts- Heartbreaker, Coup d'etat and Crooked- GD, and Ringa Linga by Taeyang.

Group stuff can be found here (with links to other solo things). These posts are just a sampling of the epicness that is Big Bang.

I'll wait while you fall in love.

Doom Dada by T.O.P from Big Bang. Try and rap as fast as him. Not possible. Also this vid is trippy.

Seungri with Gotta Talk to U. I don't listen to a lot of Seungri, but this one is pretty great. (couldn't find the vid with english subs)

G-Dragon being fly with "Crayon." As in, "Get yo cray on!"  I promise, you will not regret watching this video. I cannot even begin to explain it.

Couldn't find a video, but here's Wings by Daesung (Sarah's favorite in Big Bang, aka her 'bias.' My bias fluctuates between GD and TOP. Currently, it's TOP). Anywho, Daesung has pipes man.

GD and T.O.P, High High from their duet album. You'll never forget how to spell 'ghetto' or 'electro' if you listen to this song. It's a lot of rap, because GD usually does the high rap and TOP the low rap in their group.

Also I'm pretty sure GD got in trouble after this song because the government was like "Wow, that song sounds like you're talking about getting high..." and they drug tested him and he was positive for weed. I think he said one of his cigarettes from his backup dancers was laced with it or something...? Not sure, but he certainly didn't go to jail for it. He's too popular, even though smoking weed is super taboo here.

Not to leave Taeyang out of this post (check out Ringa Linga tho, it's one of my favorites right now), here he is in Wedding Dress

G Dragon with Who You?

Something tells me that GD is like a Taylor Swift or Adele in Kpop. He seems to be very inspired by breakups or tragedies (with Big Bang as well). He filmed this video with a bunch of his fans and I WAS HERE IN KOREA BUT THEY PROBABLY ONLY ANNOUNCED IT IN KOREAN UGH. Oh well. I still jam out to this song.

Taeyang- I Need A Girl- I've been listening to a little more Taeyang lately. I like his songs. I probably like this cause GD makes an appearance

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