Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vacation week 2

Monday- bummed around, studied Korean, etc. 

Tuesday: Got my hair done. The vacuum moisturizer made another appearance. still bizarre.

 Then we went to a cafe that has sheep!

But we decided a dog cafe would be more fun!

he's only 1 year old... YIKES

this little one stayed with us for a while

the dogs were really into the baby

I fell in love

it liked Hyun Woo's coat

I went out to a meat buffet with my friends (DELICIOUS) and then we went and saw Frozen, which was really good on the big screen. Not my favorite disney movie, but it had some nice zingers and one liners.

couldn't resist this cute mask. The yellow dust
is coming.

Wednesday was Korean class as normal. I went grocery shopping in the morning (always an adventure) and met up with Sarah for coffee, then Hyun Woo and Lauren joined us for dinner. We are almost done with our textbook, so I guess I will see where class goes after.

Thursday we went out for food and makgeoli, a Korean alcohol, with my co teacher Young Ah. We ate and drank a lot and stayed out waaaay too late, but hey, that's what vacation is for!

she's the best! 
On Friday, PAYDAY, Sarah and I went shopping, but along the way I spotted this gem in Taco Bell

He's watching my newest kdrama obsession,
My Love From Another Star. 


It was awesome, albeit a little stressful. Sarah and I went to pick up the tickets she won, and the guy asked us if we wanted standing or sitting. Now, we thought we were just getting sitting, so it threw us for a loop. We should have probably asked where the sitting was, but given the venue, they probably would have been the nosebleeds. The guy told us that if we could stand to stand for the concert, standing would be worth it. So standing we went.

Now, I'm short so that wasn't the greatest idea, especially with everyone waving their lightsticks (I get it, you wanna support them, but how about holding it as shoulder level so the people behind you can see??). But we actually ended up getting pretty amazing views of the crowd. G Dragon sang the end of his solo to our section, TOP rapped his solo right in front of us, Daesung sang to our section a lot, as did Seungri, and we got a great view of Taeyang for Ringa Linga.  Seats would have allowed us the overall view of the concert, but being able to see my favorite band, legitimately SEE them (I'm talking less than maybe 50 ft away, able to legit see their faces) was pretty amazing.

Next time, it's VVIP standing or seated (Big Bang fans are called VIPs so VVIPs are... very very important people...?). Not sure I could handle being in the middle of the crowd again, even if my views of their beautiful, talented faces were worth it. VVIPs get to go in first, guaranteeing a close to the front spot, or I'd go for second level sitting, assuming I can get tickets next time at all. Those boys could probably sell concerts out for a month straight in Seoul alone.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the concert!

Outside the venue, Olympic Park Stadium.
Seoul tries to reuse the complexes it built
for big events


getting readyyy
They let us have photo time at the end!


and Taeyang. It was wild and fun

GD, TOP and Taeyang


TOP. Dayum

Overall, even though I didn't know all of the songs and couldn't directly see for some of the time (I watched the big screens for closeups when they were out of my sight range), it was AWESOME and I cannot wait until they have another concert... that I can hopefully get tickets for!!

I spent sunday getting brunch with Sarah and Lauren, studying a little bit and helping Sarah shop for a purse. Then I headed home in the late afternoon to clean up my apartment a bit (it gets quite messy when I'm busy) and start packing. I am getting back to school blues, but it helps that I only have 3 days this week before Lunar New Year, which means a vacation to Jeju Island!!! I can't wait!!! Now I just have to hope the next few days back at school are kind to me. It's been a while since I've had to lesson plan and teach! Wish me luck!!!

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