Monday, June 9, 2014

Jeollanamdo Day 1

Alright friends and family, it's gonna take me some time to update my blog about my weekend trip, so I'm gonna try and update in small chunks.

This would have been easier if my FB hadn't effed up my photo upload, which got me frustrated and unable to start blogging. I STILL have to caption those photos too. Ooof.

Anywho, our journey started late Thursday night. We left late to avoid the long weekend traffic jam, and we got to our first destination around 4 AM. We were given directions to Hyangilam Cliff Temple and then we set off. It was dark and cloudy, but the sun managed to peak through and it was gorgeous!

Buddhist monks praying at dawn

Side note: Lauren, Ga Hyeon (Lauren's bf) and I decided that we were gonna take a bunch of selcas (selfies) during the trip, because it's the Korean thing to do, so get ready for plenty of those.

Our next stop brought us to Yeosu, where we spent some time on ODONGDO ISLAND, which was really nice, and checked out a 'black sand' beach, which wasn't that cool

Sorry but can we talk about how nice my legs
look in this picture? 

It was super hot, so we stopped for slushies 

I thank whatever force in the universe brought
this majestic creature into my life

Next we headed into town to try the delicacy of Yeosu- raw crab. Yes. I ate raw crab. 

soy sauce- soaked raw crab


But our day wasn't over yet! We the  Sucheon Bay Eco Park,which is basically a expanse of reeds and mud haha. But it was a nice, peaceful walk, and we saw lots of nice views, and lots of little crabs

at first we were like, uh, is this just mud?? Is that what we're seeing?

Then we looked closer

these ahjummas have the right idea

To end a loooooooong day, we arrived at  Naganeupseong, a folk village that offers a look at what Korea looked like just 100 years ago (well, without the electricity and indoor plumbing haha). Little old Korean women live there full time and so it's basically a Korean bed and breakfast. We headed out to dinner, since we were all staaarving after the long day. We got duck. Jeollanamdo is famous for delicious food, and between the crab and duck, I was super satisfied, and it was only day 1!!

at first we were stuck in a small room
with a bunch of the halmeoni's clothes
Lauren was not impressed

We got switched to a bigger room

wood and paper doors

Ga Hyeon is always our grill master

Local Jeolla alcohol

The carnage of a korean meal

 It was amazing to get to sleep in a straw hut house. I sat with Lauren on the porch of our hut, watching our halmeoni (Grandma, also a term of affection for any older Korean lady. Older than an ahjumma) as she fixed up some things around the yard, and we were both just at peace. "Did you ever, in your life, think you'd be doing something like this?" I said. Lauren smiled and laughed, "no. never." 

It's amazing where life takes you sometimes. Exhausted but content, we headed to bed, ready for our next adventure on Saturday. 

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