Sunday, June 8, 2014

Let's go to the Joo!

Alright everyone, I'm back from my trip this weekend, and I'm beat. I promise I will tell you all the details about it when I have some time, but I still need to unpack and prep for tomorrow. I promise, a huuuuuuge post or two will follow this week, since my trip to Jeolla namdo was aaaaaawesome.  At the very least, here's an update for what I did on Monday through part of Thursday.

Election day was upon us, so some people got in some last minute campaigning 

I had to draw a cartoon as an example for my kids. Enjoy...

Did some fancy hair that my kids really liked.
I loooved it too!

One of my friends sent me this: His name
means Kimchi 100 (baek is 100) hahaha

So basically Monday and Tuesday were normal school days, and I had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. On Thursday, I met up with Young Ah (I'm skipping Wednesday for now) for some lunch, and we decided to get a bingsu. This kind was made with frozen milk that the lady shaved into tiiiiny ice chunks, topped with red bean (it's sweet ish) and ricecake. It's the first one I've had in Korea, and it was delicious! I am going to definitely try some more varieties this summer!

Then we added  our names to the guestbook cause
Hae In (who met up with us later) wanted to
see my writing. It says
Christina was here. Thank you!
Hae In was here (heart)
Young Ah was here. 

Wednesday was election day, so Lauren, Ga Hyeon and I decided to head up to Seoul Grand Park to check out the zoo!!! The title of this blog post is dedicated to my students, who, because of the lack of 'z' sound in Korean, regularly use the phrase "let's go to the joo!" I have, in fact, explained WHY they should try and learn the z sound, or else it sounds like they're looking for 'the jew' and that's just asking for an awkward convo someday. 

Anywho, here are some pics of the zoo! It was way bigger than we expected, so we definitely want to go back. It was only 3,000 won! So cheap! I'll try and put together another update about Jeolla Province this week. Enjoy the animals (scroll down to see my favorite animal- THE RED PANDA!!! (Also known as the lesser panda here).

I love the meercats

This is the exotic North American Raccoon. 



apparently this is the world's smallest bear? 


I could have watched them all day. Clearly, others felt the same, because almost everyone that walked up to the red panda habitat exclaimed "omg, so cute" in one language or another. Cuteness appreciation is universal!

Noraebanging gorilla

In other news, one of the members of Big Bang, Taeyang (his stage name- it means sun) released his comeback album this week, and I've heard a couple of songs. I'm really digging this song, Eyes, Nose, Lips:

The song is nice too. Haha. But really. It's stuck in my head. Loooove it. Can't wait to hear more of the album, and hopefully more from BigBang soon!

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