Monday, August 24, 2015

Camp Week 2 and Veronica's Arrival

These posted backwards so you're going to see a reverse look at Ronnie's arrival (the best part of the week) to camp (the worst part). I have quite a few updates to get through, so they won't be as wordy as my other posts. possibly. We will see how lazy I am!

A few hours after Ronnie's arrival we took her to a baseball game with some of our friends! Baseball games are no joke in Korea. They have songs and dances and cheers for EVERY player on the team, and since many teams share the stadiums, there isn't always a 'home team'

on the subway into seoul!

Welcome sign for Veronica

Back to camp

Korean pizza, complete with corn, peppers
and potatoes. It was really good. One of the
kinds I like.

SO MANY pizzas for my kids

My advanced class studied the story of Aladdin (a modified version of the disney one, no Abu or Iago or anything like that) and they had a role play at the end of camp. Here are some pics of them practicing.

Aladdin wishing on the lamp

The evil magician stole the 'lamp'

Aladdin hiding to trick the evil magician

It was fun, even though I really don't like camp.

Sarah's boyfriend Seyeol was leaving for Germany that week as well (grad school) so we went to get sushi with him for a goodbye dinner.

I finally got to try one of those conveyor belt sushi
places. It was awesome.
We ate a lot haha

On Tuesday, I had volunteered at a kpop concert, and my ability to speak English and minimal Korean was actually useful! It was a loooong day/night, but I got to hang out with my friends and see way too many acts. 

Cesca was getting ready to perform on stage

I got kind of mad because this was how people watched the show.
Seriously? You want a blurry, not focused video of the video screen?

Psy even showed up and sang some of his
most famous songs, like Gangnam Style of course

I may have made some snarky, pseudo whisper
comments about people taking videos

the venue. It was hot but fun

Remember the stupid styrofoam saga? I had to continue it on Monday with my handler, who looked at my attempts from Friday and said, "Yeah, you're not good at this..." Sigh. I know. 

We spent HOUR Monday prepping for an activity the kids did in like 30 minutes. So it goes. The kids liked it and my handler felt so bad about how long it took that she bought me dinner, so that was nice. All's well that ends well, right?

This is like 28 sets of styrofoam pieces

ALL OVER MY DESK. I swear I had
nightmares about it.

I'll try and update more about Veronica's visit, so be prepared for a barage of pictures that won't be in super great order, because there were multiple cameras on the trip and blogger is sometimes annoying. I'll do my best to get the updates done this week, but I have another busy week ahead, with school starting again!

I'm off to watch Fear the Walking Dead. Here come the zombie nightmares again~~


Here's a song I got OBSESSED with after the concert. It's so catchy! And it's actually a positive body image song! Got7's Just right is JUST AWESOME

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