Monday, August 24, 2015

Reintroducing Veronica to the First World: Week 1

Now, Veronica has been living in a 3rd world country for over a year, so we took it upon ourselves to enjoy lots of things that she can't get in Kyrgyzstan, like iced drinks, daily showers and food that isn't sheep-based. 

Let me give you the run down of our week, and then I will just bombard you with pictures. These are just a sampling of what you can see on our Facebook albums, of course. 


We went to Costco to stock up on some supplies for the week, like mini muffins, peanut butter and mini yogurts (which Veronica LOVED). We also got her a hot dog cause she hasn't had one in forever.

We went out to Gangnam for a treat at the Banana Tree Cafe, where they make cute desserts that look like flower pots and also have cotton candy lattes.  When in Gangnam, we also must get brick oven pizza and cupcakes, of course! And yes, these treats were post shopping in the Gangnam underground market. SO MANY GOOD DEALS. 

We set out shopping again, but not before stopping for dakgalbi in Edae. We ate soooo much, shopped till we dropped, then headed to a cat cafe, all things one must do in Korea.


Another touristy day, we hit up Namnsan Tour. We saw the music and martial arts demo, went up the tower, made a friendship lock, got creeped on by other foreigners, and then went shopping in Myeongdong because Ronnie' sneakers were two seconds away from falling apart. We also started introducing her to Kpop.

Arguably our best day of the week, we went to the Coffee Prince cafe in the morning and then rented traditional Korean clothes, hanboks, for the afternoon. In our traditional garb, we were the talk of the town as we headed to Gyeongbokgung, the most famous palace in Korea. It was excellent. We were basically celebrities.

Since that's already a ton of pictures, I'll just stop there for now. We definitely didn't slow down after Thursday, don't you worry!

Here are pictures from my camera first, and then Veronica's nicer cooler camera at the end. 

prepping her costco hot dog

We unpacked the snacks and headed out to the Banana Tree Cafe, which was tiny and hard to find, but worth it!

it was banana pudding!! So delicious

Ronnie's camera had better pics from Tuesday...

had to do our facemasking 
Checking out Namsan on Wednesday.

Changing Ronnie's shoes.

Thursday was hanbok day!

We had way too much fun on the subway with this

This man was telling me I was beautiful

With King Sejong

these girls were super excited to take a picture with us

some group asked us to hold Korean flags and
take a picture with them

notice all the normally dressed people haha

I loved taking pics of us in the hanboks doing
normal things

Coffee pit stop!

Enjoying a smoothie

looking fabulous during rush hour

fooling around

Cesca's hanbok matched Ronnie's shoes haha

These are the last of my pictures, so now here are the ones with Ronnie's camera.

Enjoying our delicious pizza

lemonade cupcake

of course she had to check out the gangnam style dance thing!
The two little girls were fascinated by her and the music

We took her to edae for dakgalbi

steamed egg. Delicious and great with spicy food

I'm a master chef

the fried rice is the best part

I felt pretty sick monday night and tuesday with a cold, so I was
taking a nap and Cesca tried to get a pic haha

Cesca's favorite cat


Cable car ride

waiting for the show

they got to try the super long spear thing

this thing i like one of the mascots of Seoul or something...
even I don't know...

excited for cheesecake

longing looks

Thursday- we started at Coffee Prince, which is a popular drama. It was so popular the shop owner changed the name and kept it the same as when they filmed. He's not super nice tho... Still fun to visit.

The wall where they kiss the first time!!!

Then it was Hanbok time! (Sarah's friend Caley also visited, so we did lots of things together)

With Yi Sun Shin


we got bombarded for pics after this one haha

finished the day off right with potato pizza and garlic fries

We weren't even close to finished with the fun yet! more to come!


Another fun song I got hooked on at the Kpop concert

Cross Gene- Play with Me

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