Monday, August 24, 2015

Jeonju and Jesus Christ Superstar

On Friday, we woke up early to take a foreigner only bus down to Jeonju for the day. Jeonju is famous for it's Hanok village. Hanok are the traditional Korean houses, and it's really pretty there. It's famous for bibimbap and awesome street food too!

you can rent hanboks here too. They even have awesome
gisaeng ones!

the line for these homemade chocopies

they were pretty good

rainbow slushies saved the day!

I love these meatballs. Ignore my gross sweaty face

Shrimp mandu

this is like the first Catholic church in Korea 

Of course we got bibimbap! We got two kinds. One is regular and one comes in a hot stone pot

explaining the spread

we also tried Moju, which is an alcohol that comes from
the makgeolli making process, i think

Looking at handmade stuff

it was Liberation from Japan day so we got into the temple for

King Taejo, founder of the Joseon dynasty


super steep stairway to the archives

every building is just so pretty!

Mochi or however you spell it

cream cheese hotteok

more meatballs and some fried sweet potatoes with cream cheese


Our bus dropped us off in Myeongdong, so we explored some more and got more street food!

the legendary hot dog covered in french fries

We shopped for some things for Veronica's friends back in the 3rd world, then headed home. 

On Saturday, we headed to the theater to see Jesus Christ Superstar, which the 3 of us saw with our youth group like 12 years ago. JCS is also where my mom and I saw the ad for Phantom. The rest, as they say, is history.

We also got to see one of my fav Korean musical theater actors, Park Eun Tae, who we saw in Jekyll and Hyde.

excited for the show! I forgot how many awesome songs there
are in this show!

thanks to Young Ah helping me book on the
Korean site (because it won't let me register...)
we got better seats for only like $10 more

You're allowed to take pictures at curtain call apparently, which is cool.

Herod was played by a girl, but the song was less
fun and impressive than I was expecting

these dudes were great


Mary was soooo good!

Awesome Judas

Park Eun Tae finally got to smile after being
super solemn the whole time, cause, you know,
he was Jesus dying...

It was awesome. I of course would go see it again.

Afterwards, we had a goodbye party with some of Cesca's friends, so we sent them off with BBQ and soju, as one should always do when one is leaving Korea.


round 2: flavored soju

Round 3: Noraebang

I'm probably singing Phantom or something here

rocking out

We were out till like 3 in the morning and it was really fun. We woke up late the next morning and headed to dance class, where we rocked it out. Then we got chimaek after with our class and relaxed at home in the evening.

rocking the foreigner hat and butter shirt


And we still had another week of fun planned!

Check out the awesome JCS videos in this post!

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