Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring in the air! Along with some dust...

Today's semi short update is brought to you by Neko Atsume and a massive headache. Had quite an active weekend so I'm pretty worn out, and apparently my head knows it. 

The plus side of this week was that my cat collecting really started picking up!

eeeewww... I mean... woooo my
first memento...

I'm an adult but good job stamps still make me
super happy!

The fine dust was bad at the beginning of the week, warranting the use of a dust mask on my walk to school,

It got worse on Wednesday, so on went the mask again. I hate wearing it, but if I don't, the dust makes me feel massively ill. My co workers were surprised when I wore it again, since, to them, the air didn't look that bad and it wasn't bothering them. I guess the idea of 'fine dust' being invisible is a little lost. Granted, some days you can tell by the sky. Anyway, they joked they should just check with me for the levels, since I know them well. I explained that in good ol' Lockport, NY, we don't have this fine dust pollution problem, so my body just can't adjust to it. I haven't been living in it my  whole life. Though, really, everyone should be careful about it...

cherry blossom season is starting

haha we are the representative foreigners at the studio!

 On Wednesday after school, I went to the Han River for a bit~

this snack is shaped like crabs

That night, Tubbs visited me in Neko Atsume and wouldn't leave, even though I wanted to go to bed early... I'm obsessed. 

I also got this sphinx cat, Ramses the Great,
to visit

It's election season in Seoul, so these little campaign cars are noisily going around with candidates blaring music and speeches from them as early as 7:30 am -__-

 On Saturday, we had an early start as we headed out to pick strawberries with a group trip from Seoul. We were supposed to go to a strawberry festival, but it was cancelled because of some animal flu gong around. We still got to pick strawberries though!

seductive strawberry eater


There was an adorable puppy on the farm

Then we went to Daedunsan to see the famous cloud bridge. Unfortunately, Cesca and my bad luck struck again, and the god damn cable car was broken. The itinerary had clearly only accounted for the cable car time, not actual hiking time, so we started the hike, but ultimately turned back because it was basically rock climbing and not hiking. For our first post winter hike, it was too much. We'd eaten lunch too close to the hike as well, making us feel quite blah during it. When we saw how precarious the remaining half looked, we just gave up and hung out at the bottom.

only a few parts had stairs, the rest was crazy steep.

most of the hike looked like this

at least the scenery was nice and we got a bit of 
exercise outside of seoul

this was our endgoal, we just couldn't make it up there
with limited time and mediocre korean hiking abilities

would have been cool but oh well

We got back in one piece and on time, so we felt pretty good. And we weren't too sore from the hike, so that was nice. We were still tired though, so we went to bed early.

 Unfortunately, Ces and I were woken up early by the POLICE arriving to check on the couple in the apartment across the way from me, who were fighting quite loudly at around 7 am this morning. Since it was inside and a private matter, all the police could really do was say "don't fight anymore. no fighting.." before leaving. The couple then continued to make noise for the morning and I think one of them was packing their things to leave or completely move out. They fight a lot so I'm hoping they just finally decided to break up. I'm not sure whose the instigator or anything. All I know is they fight vocally and often. 

We headed to dance class, where we learned SNSD's I Got a Boy again. Cesca and I even helped with a short tutorial video after class! I think I sound awkward on camera, but I'm glad they asked us! It was exciting!

Unfortunately, the dust this week and my hiking yesterday caught up with me today, and I have a pretty bad headache. I'm hoping the air is better this week and that I can take it easy in school and get through with minimal issues. 

 Spring has sprung here! Looking forward to more skirts, less sweaters!

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