Sunday, April 24, 2016

So Shake It, Let's Dance!

It was another week at school. Haha, not much to say, as the routines have settled and life is in it's groove here again. Just a few small surprises, like Hyun Jung being sick Monday and having to teach alone, but I'm a pro by now, so it's all good. 

On Mondays, Young Ah has started to teach me jangu, the traditional hourglass shaped drum. I think the sports teacher originally wanted to learn, and then they asked me if I wanted to join. I'm pretty caught up with lesson planning these days, so I said why not and joined them. There are a lot of things to remember while playing the drum, like finger placement, posture, rhythm and more. It's difficult but fun, and Young Ah says that, compared to her students, we are much better at remembering how to play things!

I finally got these two fancy cats
to visit me on neko atsume, a highlight of my week

ordered lip stuff, got free samples. Yay!

trying out new lip tints because they were on sale

Trying to add some spring in to my step

Since I don't have Korean class anymore, I've either been spending more time during the week at home, trying to reorganize my closet since winter is kiiinda over, and spending time with friends. I went out with Young Ah Friday for thai noodles because she's been feeling down this week, and I think school is stressing her out. She teaches 3 different subjects this year, so she's a little frazzled. Plus, there's an awkward teacher in the office who makes calls on speakerphone and is kind of spacey, causing lots of disgruntlement in the office. So I treated her to cheer her up, since she's always there for me. 

On Saturday, the dust levels were crazy bad, so I stayed in all day and caught up on a mediocre kdrama, and writing notes to my neighbors to stop being so vocal when they... uh, get intimate. Fun times.

I will not super miss this about Korea...
Seoul was 221 yesterday, but it got to
350+ at its worst. Buffalo's level was

By evening, the levels of pollution weren't quite so toxic, so I met up with Lauren, Cesca and Gahyeon in Hyehwa to go to mix and malt again, since Gahyeon was finally free. He loved it and we of course loved it, so it was a great night. 

On Sunday, Cesca got to hear my lovely neighbors being... intimate... loudly... so obviously my note did not work. Sigh. 

We caught up on The 100 and Hell's Kitchen before heading to dance class to Shake It with Sistar.

Ready to learn Sistar's Shake it!

Here's me killing the dance. So fun!

We went out for tacos at a different taco place after, where I had one of my first real, out and about, authentic celeb sightings in Korea. 

He's not from a group I pay attention to, but Katie was excited. We tried to subtely get him in the background of our pictures and this is the one Cesca got... sigh... 
We also wanted a picture of my awesome
margarita that I ordered not realizing there'd
be a Corona in there... because i didn't
know what Margarita Diving meant...

Katie asked him for an actual picture but he said no because he didn't have makeup on. Oh well. Katie was bummed.

We drowned our sorrows in cupcakes. This is becoming a habit. In our defense, we shook our butts off during class. So. Well deserved. 

I spent some of my free time this week marathoning a drama to give myself a break from studying after my test. It's called Descendants of the Sun and, despite sky high ratings in Korea, I thought it was just ok. After Signal, none of the typical dramas have been impressing me lately. Have I finally hit my limits of predictable plots and implausible situations? Maybe. 

I'm glad the weather is getting warmer, but I also found a mosquito in my apartment, so I'd like that to not be happening. The pollution was a big bummer this weekend, so I'm hoping that it doesn't stick around. Apparently this has only been getting worse recently, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I just haaaate wearing those masks... 

All in all, it was a pretty good week. It went fast, payday was on Friday and I ended up eating good food with great people most nights of the week, so it definitely could have been worse. Hoping for another fast week, as I'm looking forward to next weekend already!

Time to avoid social media for the next day, since the new season of Game of Thrones starts tomorrow and I'll be teaching when it's on. Gonna have to watch after school and it will be a big task avoiding the spoilers... Can't wait to see what season 6 has in store! 

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