Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's gonna be May

It was a slow and attractive week for me, as I finally had time to get my hair done. Mostly cause I'm lazy and cheap, I let it go for a while longer than I should have. Oops.

Sun Kyung told me I should wear my hair like this
all the time...

Gotta keep up with the face masks. This
was a lotus one~

On Wednesday, we went on a teacher bonding trip. Now, these are okay, but this was a schoolwide one and involved taking a bus to an island to explore. Not sure why we had to do this Wednesday, as it messes up the schedule and is also inconvenient because we got back to school well past 9:30... I have 5 classes Thursday, so energy is really needed. I cannot get energy if I am out all day and get home after 10...

But it was nice to spend some time with the teachers, and they get to learn a lot about me. I found out one of the teachers in my office has been to Siena! So we bonded about how beautiful that is.

We went to an island that has a big tower and some bridge that uses tidal power to produce energy, then hiked around a bit. At least it wasn't the difficult hiking that I have come to expect in Korea.

The other teachers were scared of the glass walkway,
but I've been over the Grand Canyon, so I know
what's what. It was fun~

The hiking trail had this at the start to check how
healthy your  body is. If you're in your 20s you should be
able to fit through a 21 cm gap or something.
I could fit through 20s but not 10s, which means
I'm the right size. 

The hike wasn't bad, but it was a little gloomy.

Because it's an island, we had seafood for dinner. I'm not a huge fan of raw things, but especially raw oysters and clams and sea cucumbers. I can, however, manage raw fish. Everyone was really worried about me being able to eat, which was sweet. I ended up eating a lot of the fish but let the others eat the raw shelled stuff. 

not my fave but not bad.

I don't really think the teachers thought this trip through tho, because my principal likes to drink a lot and some of the other teachers, uh, enjoyed the alcohol way too much, which meant a lot of people were suffering on the ride home. Like, come on, we're adults and you didn't think about not getting wasted before riding on a bus for 2 hours back to Seoul? Sigh. It's not every Korean or every school, but it's part of the culture I sometimes can't get used to. It's fun to have a drink or two, but binging isn't really my thing. 

This actor is super popular in Korea right now and
one of my students gave this to me after she saw
me laughing at it on her desk. I didn't love the drama
but he's cute

Then we made the best discovery:

MCDONALDS!! This is shocking since
they don't usually have reese's stuff here?

Cesca and I went to a make your own ddeokbokki buffet on Friday before seeing Captain America, but we were pretty sure the guy misinterpreted our request for slightly spicy but not too spicy ddeokbokki. We ended up with a mixed spicy black bean sauce? It was good but not what we wanted. We basically messed up 100% of that process haha.

Cesca's "this doesn't seem right' face

But then we got to see Captain America before everyone so
that was awesome, even tho it felt more like an ironman

On Saturday, Ces and I hung out and met Lauren for dinner. We lamented about our jobs like usual, but had a lot of fun girl talking and such. 

On Sunday, we had a fun but tough Beast dance session for class, then ran out to get across town and go to Olympic Park for an Andrea Bocelli concert. He was only in Seoul for one night, and after debating the ticket cost, we decided it was totally worth it to go, since he's one of my favorite singers. 

Our tickets were on the side, but it seems like either a lot of people cancelled or the ticket site was being dumb and blocking off the center, cause most of the seats at the top center were empty. We and like every other Korean decided to move over and got great seats. 

Arg it was so good. He even sang Music of the Night!! I loooooved it. Not much to say besides awesome, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, etc. He's incredible live. SO happy we went.

So that's why I'm late this week... We got home well past 11 and, on a school night, that's super late. I went to bed with Nessun Dorma ringing in my head and my heart happy. 

Plus, I have an easy 3 day week this week. Huzzah! 

Sports day tomorrow followed by a 4 day weekend~ Got some great stuff planned for it, too. 

May already? My May schedule is packed, so I have a feeling it will fly by. Yikes! 


I hope we get to learn this dance, because Twice's Cheer Up is my current kpop obsession~

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