Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cheer Up with a Special Trip!

After a tiring weekend, I had another full week ahead! It started out eventfully with my computer monitor not registering that the modem or whatever was on and therefor the screen was just blank. Excellent. Thankfully, the computer lady came in and fixed it fast. Phrew!

I met up with Cesca, Cherie and Helen for Taco Tuesday because who doesn't love tacos on Tuesdays!?

We found this add in Noksapyeong after dinner.
I have idea why they're using Phantom but I am so
excited I don't care

Helen knew about this AMAZING milkshake place
so we HAD to try them




She was super excited

Teacher's Day was today (sunday) so I got random love all week from my students, including some handmade paper roses from a talented 6th grader

Signs for teacher's day

I got the typical cute "thank you for teaching us" cards

This weekend was pretty special because Young Ah invited me to her hometown to meet her family and go to a festival that's famous there. If you're interesting, it's called the Chunhyang festival. It's dedicated to the story of Chunhyang, which is a famous pansori song (a traditional style of singing that tells a story).

It's about a gisaeng's daughter who falls in love with a magistrate and is very faithful and loyal and pure so they have a happy ending. Young Ah's hometown, Namwon, is the setting for the story, so they have a festival there. 

the bus seats had usb ports!! Wow

Even though we left early Saturday, the traffic was a little bad so it took over 4 hours to get there. We went to her house and had lunch with her parents and sister, then headed out to the festival. The dialect in Namwon is really cute and fun, but her father used a lot of new words I didn't know. Her sister and family were a little easier to understand. They were all super nice!

We basically just walked around the area, which had lots of food stalls, vendors and dedications to the festival's characters. 

gisaeng outfits

The guy met her when she was on a swing

we stopped to look at the 'rabbit village' haha

The evil rich dude in the story wants Chunhyang but
she is virtuous and says no. So he tortures here.

being the evil guy

they even have proposal zones marked

omg the sun was so bright it was too hard to get this picture


The bridge was kinda scary cause there are no railings to keep
you from falling in

another Chunhyang image

I met the magistrate and his servant

torture device
We also got to see some special Chinese performances. Not sure why. Around the festival we also saw lots of Korean drum and dance shows.

We liked this gold tree. Maybe it will bring us some fortune

Finally tried back of the truck chicken. It was

Me with Young Ah and her nephew

Young Ah took lots of nice pics of me.

Her family was so nice. Her sister lives in Jeonju, and she came with her husband and son to spend time with us. Young Ah and I explored the festival, then we met with them for dinner and wandered around the festival at night. We went back to her house for chimaek and they spent the night. It was so nice of everyone to take the day to help me learn about the city and the festival, and they were excited to spend time with a foreigner haha. It was so lovely^^

Her father kept worrying that the food would upset my stomach, despite constant reassurance that I had, in face, eaten Korean food during my 3 years here. It was so cute. They asked a lot of fun questions and seemed really interested in America, but also my own journey to and in Korea. It was nice to hear that it seems like I made good choices here. 

I am so touched and grateful that Young Ah wanted to introduce me to her family and show me around her hometown. Buuuuuuh it was so nice!!! 

We had to leave early the next day, which was sad, but thankfully the traffic was minimal because of that. I got back with time to hang out at cesca's a bit before dance class, where we learned the super cute Twice dance Cheer Up.

It was fuuuuun!! And adorable. But now I am super wiped and I have to get ready for another lovely week of school. I know I shouldn't wish the time away, but next weekend looks like it has some fun coming my way as well. Can't wait to update if it goes well!

Cheer Up everybody!

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