Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bang Bang ~ We Had a Show!

It was a busy week. We had a dance performance on Saturday, so most of my week involved getting through the school day so I could go to practice late at night. 

I had the day off Monday, which Cesca forgot about. We usually chat in the morning, and since I've overslept once or twice before, she was worried I'd missed my alarm. As you can see. 

haha thankfully I had no school that day

I used my day off to start organizing some stuff to send home, and ventured out to the post office. I hate going there because it makes me nervous, but they're usually nice and it wasn't busy, so I was in and out pretty quick.

I hate packing. Why do I have so much stuff.
The rest of the week was a blur of practice and trying to figure out our outfits for Saturday.

Messing around

I walked home one day to find that this building
changed colors... am I unobservant, or are Koreans
really that fast!!?!?!

We were at the studio late Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and I had a staff outing on Wednesday (we saw XMen and had dinner haha it was great!), so it was a busy time. I also found out that speakerphone teacher in the office is a lot weirder and worse than he first seemed... Sigh. He's not the reason I'm leaving, but he sure does make it slightly easier to peace out...

On Saturday, we headed out to the Han River park around noon to glam up and shoot the MV for our dance cover of Bang Bang. 

Cesca, who'd been in the hospital just the day before getting an emergency IV, was a trooper and made it through the whole day of shooting and dancing.

glamming up with temporary tattoos

Rehearsing the finale

we got to be part of a proposal! 

Practicing to help someone pop the question

There will be a full official video soon. It was so fun to perform! Sun Kyung even came to see me! We killed it, even though the wind blew our hair into our faces for the whole dance. It was super fun and exciting to perform in front of a crowd again!

Stella sent us the funny pics her hubby took... I hope there are some
good ones there too!

Rehearsal with only half of our group cause they, in Korean fashion,
informed us Wednesday we had group practice Friday... Still fun!


Our teacher said we were super cool today!
The best! I love herrrrr

being cuuuuute while waiting

The actual proposal

We had to skip the afterparty because Cesca was fading out after lasting the whole day, and I was pretty beat as well. I'd been worried about her, the weather, the performance, etc, so it was nice to have it be over and to relax. 

Cesca was feeling up and down most of the weekend, and even the IV and medicine weren't a miracle cure, so I spent sunday trying to distract her and help her out around the house by fixing (maybe)her closet and cleaning some stuff up from the dance chaos. I didn't help much, but being sick and alone is hard enough, and Cesca is in a foreign country, so I wanted to just be able to spend time with her so she wasn't lonely as well. I'm hoping she can get better soon!

I'll post our video as soon as it's up! Can't wait to seeeee it!!

Sadly, it's time to get ready for school. How do my weekends go so fast?!?!? 

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