Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Me Before You

We had the day off Monday, which meant my normal blogging time of Sunday evening was instead spent with Cesca. It was memorial day here in Korea, and yet another long weekend has proven that it's always harder to go back to work after an extra day off. 

Here's the lowdown of the week. 

On Mondays after school, Ces and I always get together to watch Game of Thrones. Now that we don't know what's coming since it's past the books, it's way more fun to be watching it together. 

the result of another trip to the hospital. Ces is finally feeling
better tho

Most of last week was spent sharing dance pictures from our busking show on Saturday, so they're mixed in this week.

blue is super mild air quality. It was a miracle


On Thursday, the studio was having a viewing party for our music videos, but not until later in the evening. So I met up with Cesca in Sinchon and we ran some errands before killing time at the cat cafe. We haven't been in ages, so it was nice to stop by.

This cat looks like he is cursing my
entire family. look at that glare!

This cat is our favorite. 

Viewing party. 

Our vid turned out pretty cool~ Check it out here

All in all, a pretty painless week at work. I've been in the routine for a while and can whip up lessons with the best of them, I guess. We try to make them as fun as possible.

Young Ah and I messing around between classes

Gotta entertain ourselves between 3rd grade classes

my newest skincare obsession~ It starts as a balm and turns into
an oil cleanser. I've been lazy and been using too many
makeup wipes. Not anymore now that I have this bad boy! 

Sun Kyung sent my pictures that she took Saturday. Some of them are quite funny~

captured in a single frame, this transition move looks so bizarre haha

Cesca looks so majestic

On Saturday, I ended up seeing literally all of my favorite people in Korea~

We met up with Lauren and Helen for brunch, cause cesca wanted to try this amaaaaaaazing nutella and banana french toast 

Then, Young Ah had invited me to see a Taekkyeon demonstration. It's the other form of traditional martial arts in Korea that's not Taekwondo.

we were in the wrong place at first

but we found her! She had to play intro and outro
music for the fights

She hates this outfit but I think she looks cute

The Suwon team even had a foreigner on it

Then we met up with Grace for dinner and ended up staying up way too late having too much fun with her. It was the most beautiful Saturday I've had in ages. 

On Sunday, we played it cool and just relaxed, since Ces isn't 100% yet. We lounged, cleaned up her place a bit and then headed over to mine, but not before trying brunch at a cafe near her house. No dance this week, so we finally got to have a lazy sunday.

The classic american brunch


We caught up on our trashy reality tv and Kdramas before crashing. On Monday, given the day off, we finally got to watch Game of Thrones before most spoilers got posted. Wooohoooo!!!

Not sure what we're gonna do when it's over... sad face.

Then we headed to the movies to catch Me Before You, a beautiful and heartbreaking movie that left me sobbing (controlled, mind you... I managed not to ugly cry) in the theater. Puffy eyed but inspired, we grabbed dinner and dessert before I headed home.  

So good. Just see it. I'm reading the book now. 3/4 through.
I started this morning. 

It's been a while since I read something for fun. Feels nice. 

The weather is warm and monsoon season is coming. Goodbye nice hair, hello humidity and rain induced craziness. 

I can't believe it's already June. My time here is winding down, and it's sad, but it also feels right. I'm getting excited to see my family and see what the future holds, but for now I am going to enjoy my silly students and my awesome friends in this beautiful place. 

Until next time~

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