Sunday, June 19, 2016

Say What You Want~~

Another Sunday, another week in review.

I had a lot to do this week, with lots of errands and explaining how camp works to Sun Kyung, who is in charge of it. 

Because she was a little bewildered, we got to leave school early on Wednesday and go to a bookstore so we could get some ideas and I could show her some story books and things we'd used before. We got some semblence of an idea together, but I think it's gonna be a looong couple of weeks of full on camp prep.

This week also allowed me to fuel my newfound (while in Korea) addiction for cute cosmetics. This time, Rilakkuma blushers were on sale. I picked up 2 and a cute cushion BB cream. 

it's so adorable aaaah

On wednesday, I met up with Lauren, Grace and Cesca to go see "The Handmaiden," a movie that got quite some critical acclaim at the Cannes film festival. 

The plot was woooooah but some of the scenes were... a bit much. Don't see it with your mom.

On Thursday, I also had to leave school early and go to the US Embassy to help Lauren out with a document she needed. She needed it notarized and the embassy doesn't provide witnesses. Thankfully, I had a class cancelled on account of the children going to the swimming pool for lessons, so I had time to go. 

Once our appt was finished, we wandered around the area and hung out, since we haven't been able to see each other that often. 

We stopped in the Sejong Center Art Museum, where they were having a special exhibit on paintings made with pressed flowers and other materials. 

cute note from my students

On Saturday, Young Ah invited me to see her team perform in Hyehwa, and even though she made a lot of mistakes (according to her... I only noticed when she would smile to herself or laugh to herself and then I could tell, but it didn't sound like she did haha), she was happy to see me. It was fun to see her, and Lauren and Cesca and come along, so we got drinks after at Mix and Malt. I was happy I could introduce Young Ah to a place, since she usually takes me to restaurants she knows. 

After a fun evening of girl talk, we headed home and the hamburgler broke into my house.

Just kidding, it's Ces removing her makeup.

Dance class was a disaster, because we learned a BTS dance, a group that is notorious for intense choreography. I forgot most of the dance in the middle, so just chalked it up to it being to crazy for me to handle. I like cute and sexy girl dances. It's just my thing. They're easier to learn and more fun to perform, since we can remember them and do a decent job at the end of 2 hours. 

I went out with some of the girls after and consoled myself with delicious bingsu.

always a good way to end a sunday. This one has
cheesecake AND brownie bites. SO GOOD

It's off to another full week of classes, but I only have 5 weeks of regular school and 2 weeks of camp before vacation/freedom/going home prep time. I am gonna miss it here, but man am I excited to go home and give my parents and cats a great big hug. Mostly my cats, but I miss mom and dad too haha.

It's gonna be a whirlwind till the end, I think. Hoping to enjoy the ride!

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