Sunday, June 12, 2016

Warming Up and Winding Down

Our music video won first place at our dance studio!! Woooo!!!

The days sometimes seem to drag but the weeks go by fast... Suddenly it's Friday and I have a day full of 3rd grade again. I only have about 5-6 weeks of classes and 2 weeks of camp left, which is totally crazy. The countdown to home as begun, and while I still get emotional when people say "Don't go!" or "But why are you leaviiiing!" I am excited to be going home. It's about 80ish days till I'm back in the good old USA.

Lately my lunches have been... not filling. Here's some blended
fruit soup, rice and potatoes. I was hungry by 2 oclock.

I'm of course more dedicated than ever to my skincare routine, which leads me to trying fun, different face masks that I pick up while I'm out and about.

The Face Shop often has fun, seasonal face masks to try. You might remember Cesca and I tried their Rudolph ones around Christmas time. This spring and summer, they have been releasing Kakao Talk (the popular chat service here) Character Masks. Cesca and I both picked up a Neo the cat one a few weeks ago. 

It ended up on top of my face mask rotation pile, so I thought I would try it. 

Note to self, character face masks always turn out creepy, even if they make your skin look nice after. 

Terrified yet???

The semester is also sort of winding down, which means filler activities like role plays. Young Ah and I got to show our kids how to do them, since it's a first for 3rd grade. 

Playing around with the mouse hat...

When Young Ah attacked!!!!

We take our job very seriously and it is extremely hard work, as you can see. 

Cesca and I met with Lauren for dinner and tried this amazing smoked chicken on Friday. It was to die for. 

Afterwards, I needed to stop at the store and get some blush. I'd heard about this cute product from Skinfood, so I thought I'd check it out. While in the store, Cesca and I saw more weird mask varieties and thought we should try them.

Horse fat and bird's nest. Mmmm. These ones felt weird and
not as pleasant as normal face masks. 1/10 would
not recommend

On Saturday, we went and saw Warcraft, which was like a flashback to 10 years ago sitting next to the computer and watching Ted play before daring to start my own character. I know it got meh reviews, but for a fan, it was super enjoyable. 

On Sunday, we learned the dance to Sistar's Loving U, which was fun and had lots of cute hip shaking. 

we treated ourselves to a delicious samgyeopsal
buffet that was all you can eat for like $10.

Ces and I are starting to make our "what we need to do before we leave" list, which is exciting but also sad at the same time. I know that if I stayed another year, I'd probably get bitter or really bored, but it's gonna be hard to say goodbye, especially with everyone telling us they're sad we're leaving. I'm sad too!!! But figuring out what's next, while stressful, is kind of exciting. I think I'm ready for a new challenge, whatever that will be~~

Stay cool friends, it's getting hot out there!!!

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