Monday, May 7, 2012

End of semester activities

With my Thursday departure looming, I can't  help but feel a bit melancholy about the whole experience. It seems like yesterday I was arriving here in Siena, jetlagged and unable to eat because of my wisdom teeth. I was terrified to meet my host mom and to live in Italy without really knowing anyone. My, my that has changed! I'm so happy that I got to be here for the last few months, so I try not to get caught up in the inevitable sadness. Paola and I are going to be a mess this week.

Friday we had what was called a 're-entry session,' which was basically warning us about reverse culture shock and giving us tips on how to readjust to life in America, now that we've had this grand experience. I think that people on my program don't realize what they're going to miss and how they're going to be affected when they come home, because right now they're so eager to get out of their apartments and head home. Me, I already know that there's tons I am going to miss and am not so eager to pack my bags and head off, despite the fact that I do really want to see my family quite badly.

Pizza for all of us!

Gotta love individual pizzas!
Saturday was a lot more of a cultural experience and a lot less of a lecture. IES got us tickets to a contrada dinner in Montone (Ram) so we could experience contrada life. It was awesome!

All of the contradas have put up these lights with their
colors on them

tablecloth with the montone symbol

The view from the Montone church

Emily and I enjoying the lovely weather and views

A view of Siena you don't normally see

finding out seats

Everyone having a blast!
 What I love about Siena, and Italy in general, is that there is always a reason to party- after the contrada dinner, the tables were cleared out and a discoteca began! Fantastic!

Kayla and Marissa enjoying life

Discoteca time!

It was a really great way to spend my last Saturday night in Siena- friends, good food and dancing. It was nice because we were able to actually participate in a tradition of Siena that lots of people will never experience. And despite the fact that I have finals this week and have to pack, I'm just going to sit back and relax so I can enjoy my last few days in this wonderful city.

Ciao for now, ci vediamo presto! (See ya soon!)

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