Thursday, May 3, 2012

One last hurrah

Here's a sample of the things I did on my last big trip. Let me explain. Wednesday was a national holiday, and Tuesday this week was a holiday as well. My Italian teacher cancelled class Thursday (my only class) figuring we would all be leaving. My Black Death teacher cancelled class Monday and Econ was optional. Sooo that made for a looong weekend which I chose to spend in Sardegna and Sicilia. 

My friends Alana, Marissa and I headed over to Sardegna Wednesday and went to the beach Thursday. We explored Cagliari before taking an overnight ferry to Palermo. We met up with a few other friends in Sicily and spent Saturday on the beach. Sunday a couple of us went to Cefalu in Sicily, where there is a mountain to climb. Monday, Marissa and I wandered around Palermo taking in the sights before we headed back to the mainland. Here are some of the results of our adventure:

Those white things are Flamingos 

Marissa in our sweet B&B

palm trees!!!

Beach in Sardegna

Beautiful weather!!

I drank my first cappuccino here

Alana getting something out of the Pringle

We mistakingly thought that gnochetti meant small gnocchi.
It actually means cocoon shaped pasta, apparently

Alana "brushing her teeth" with the flowers
Marissa and I enjoying some soft serve!

The ferry to Palermo

The beautiful beach in Palermo

Alana and Jill went Kayaking

La Rocca di Cefalu


I climbed alone since nobody else wanted to

The Cathedral in Palermo

Teatro Massimo con Giuseppe Verdi

Teatro Politeama

Definitely the right idea

eating a brioche with gelato inside. Typical Sicilian dessert.
Strange but delicious!

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