Monday, February 17, 2014

Burgers and Balloons

It was another hectic week at the office, where everyone was rushing around to figure out and finalize who was teaching what and when. It was actually easy for me though, because I can't really help out in those decisions. 

On Monday and Tuesday, I played a kpop slam with my 6th graders (where I give them the English lyrics of a song, since kpop uses a lot of English, and they have to guess what the song is) and they LOVED it. Tons of fun. And then I got to watch tv with my 5th and 4th graders, because we finished the textbook. So yeah, work wise, not a horrible week. Here are some pictures!

I asked Sarah's bf help me figure out my washing machine, since the one I understood broke...
He nicely drew me some diagrams

Lauren and I went out on a burgers and beer quest on Monday. This was the result

we split a beer sampler. All of the beers were named after dogs?

Lauren is excited

mmmmm beegers (we think it means beer + burgers?)

and I enjoyed the way it was served

Thursday morning treats from Seo Hyeon, who I had to say
goodbye to. Saaaaaaad.

We had a teacher dinner on Tuesday to say goodbye to the teachers who are leaving our school. It was at the buffet where we had our first teacher dinner, which was nice but also a little annoying. If you know the way I eat, buffets aren't really my thing. The teachers always worry at the buffet that I'm not eating enough, but 2 plates filled with meat, rice based things and pasta fills me up fast. Oy.

On Thursday, I went out with Hae In and Young Ah to celebrate Hae In getting her desired position as homeroom teacher and the fact that Young Ah and I will work together again. Though it was also to console Young Ah, as she applied for a program to learn more English and teaching methodology, but didn't get in. I didn't want her to go but I wanted her to get it, you know? So both options were disappointing. I'm happy she's staying but I wish she had gotten in, because I feel like she deserved it. I would have missed her a lot, but I guess that's what all of my family and friends felt/feel like when I decided to go abroad 3 times...

Friday  was graduation day for my 6th graders. Our school doesn't have a gym our auditorium big enough for everyone, so we had to go to the district office (an adventure for me in itself). I volunteered to go early and make balloons for decorations. And man, oh man, did we make balloons. Please observe:

the beginning of the chaos

Hae In starting on the white balloons

now making a complex pattern

so many effing balloons. You needed 5 big ones
and 6 small ones for the design

I tied so many that I scraped my nail bed raw
and it started to bleed. The things I do for
these kids...

They turned out pretty!



The diplomas have arrived!

getting ready

Yep, they had graduation attire on. 

the doors to the aud

our school dance team performed

so did the handbells

The girls danced to womanizer and Miss A's
Hush, which was arguably incredibly inappropriate
on so many levels and left me moderately concerned...

each kid had a slide that talked about what
want to be
Now keep in mind it was all in Korean and all of my coteachers had jobs to do (Young Ah was directing the traditional drum students, Hae In handing the principal the diplomas and Seo Hyeon organizing students) so I was alone and yes, I was the only foreigner. So these are the jobs I caught while watching the ceremony.

1 English teacher (yay!)
A couple badminton players
Many piano players
Office Worker
1 wanted to be a Tour Guide
Many boys wanted to be computer programmers

It was really cute to see

2 of my boys demonstrating how little
the kids cared about their tassels hanging
correctly haha
Despite being single, I had a nice Valentine's Day, as I did have someone to hang out with (more on that later, maybe). Lauren and I went on a bra quest on Saturday, but sadly Korean bras are no match for her C/D cups, which is an unfortunate, but not horrible problem to have. On  Sunday, we all went to Sarah's to each pizza and plan our trip to Busan, because I'm on vacation again this week (barring today, Monday, where I had to go into work and rearrange the office). It looks like it's going to be fun, and I'm excited to see another city outside of Seoul. My other trips have been to more rural areas, so it'll be excited to see what Busan, a city in the south, has to offer (besides cute accents- the Busan style Korean is nice!). I'll have to actually deskwarm next week, but only for half of the day, so I'm not too worried about it. 

And now I'm off to go get more burgers with Lauren and Sarah! Don't worry, I still eat plenty of Korean food. Which means rice, rice and more rice (With gochujang, the chili pepper paste, mixed in for good measure!)

Love to everyone who stops by to read about my adventures here!

Aaand lalalala here's some B.A.P. for you

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  1. Hey, if you or Sarah or any of your friends knows a style/size of bra that fits, or orders them online and ships to me, I can send them over. I can see that issue being a pain.