Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well, It Happened...

This week marks the first time I was REALLY sick in Korea. The last couple of times (Christmas, early on) where pretty mild, day or two things I got over really quickly. However, influenza and colds are going around the school right now, and coupled with my exhaustion from Jeju (during which Sarah was sick and Lauren got sick), I'm not surprised I came down with a pretty bad cold. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling moderately sick. I had a sore throat, but I thought it might just be that my apartment is dry. On Wednesday it still hadn't gone away, and my nose was starting to stuff up. Overnight, I woke up with a really bad cough, sore throat and runny nose, so Thursday was kind of torture at school, with lots of sniffling and feeling blah. I was feeling so crappy that Seo Hyeon noticed and offered to take me to the doctor (Young Ah also suggested I go earlier that day), but I just stopped at a pharmacy and got a variety of cold meds (for like $2, yay), popped a couple of my NyQuil that I packed way back when, and went to bed at 8:30.

I thankfully had Friday basically free, since we aren't teaching 3rd graders right now, so I got to sit at my desk and catch up on TV and just relax. Thank goodness, because even a nyquil sleep didn't knock the cold out of me. I went out for coffee with Young Ah and Hae In after school Friday, and I met up with Sarah and Hyeon Woo Saturday for a bit, but really, most of this week and weekend had been dedicated to me resting and recovering. It was bound to happen eventually.

But I did get some stuff accomplished, being stuck in your apartment all day gives you lots of reason to clean it, so I went all out on that. I studied some Korean, which is great for my own reasons but also helps me with teaching. Learning Korean helps me understand the mistakes the kids will make, like how they say "Let's go watch a movie" when they're going to the cinema. I can try and teach them that we generally say "watch a movie" for when we are going to watch at home and "see a movie" for when we are going to the theater, but in Korean, the verb 보다 means "to look, to see, or "to watch," so it's reasonable for them to use the terms interchangeably in English like they do in Korean. (As another example, Young Ah asked me if I turned on candles at home, because apparently they use the same word for 'light' candles and 'turn on' lights)

It's not like we don't do the same thing in English. For example, we use 'take' a lot more liberally than other languages, so in English, where we say "take medicine," in Korean you "eat medicine." It may be a little boring or strange, but I find it really helpful and interesting. Not to mention the thrilled reactions I get when I speak or understand any Korean.

This week was also hectic in the office because the jobs announcement for next semester happened Monday. In Korea, you aren't always a homeroom teacher or an English teacher, but your job can change every year. So everyone found out what they would be doing next year. Young Ah is thankfully teaching English with me again, and my handler (who speaks pretty decent English) is also changing from a homeroom teacher to an English teacher. Hae In will be teaching 6th grade, and Seo Hyeon is moving to Abu Dhabi, so we are hiring a new English teacher. I'm both excited and nervous to see how this changes my job. Mostly nervous, but I'll just have to see how it goes.

Fun pictures from this week (sorry, sick, so there aren't that many. Life calmed down again).

The Korean says "Kaeppeul" which is supposed
to be a combo of Carrot and apple, so capple?

Rice cakes magically appear on my desk

bought some new rings on a whim 

so now I'm totally in the Valentine's day spirit?
Hyeon Woo had a coupon for a free Family Sized
ice cream that we tried to conquer. Sarah shows us
what a daunting task it will be. We couldn't finish it haha

And then I got on a halloween themed bus??
never seen this color scheme before on a bus here

In sad news, my baby Smokey was put down this week :(

He was over 14.5 years old and I've had him since I was in like 2nd grade. Poor baby. So I was a little down this week because of that, but he was suffering pretty badly so it's better this way. Here are some pics just to help me remember my big baby boy.

he was always cuddly and loved attention.
Even when he was big enough to crush my chest

with his brother, Bandit

my big babies.

I'm preparing for a bit of sadness this week as well (no, not because I'll be single on Valentine's Day, sheesh), because my 6th graders are graduating this Friday. It will be sad to see them go, as we had a good time laughing about Kpop and Kdramas and other random things. I could joke around with them a lot because they have been taking English for a while, and they were sometimes sassy and smart but also adorable (like how so many of the boys were singing Frozen this week. Not just the girls). The boys would walk in and be like 'Christina Teacher, do you wanna build a snowman!?!?' or ask to listen to Let it Go.  I know it's not a huge deal, but they'll be the first class to graduate that I've ever taught. It feels exciting, weird and sad at the same time.

So the next week promises to be filled with goodbyes, but also celebrations (goodbye to Seo Hyeon and a few other teachers, goodbye to most of the office, who are switching out to be homeroom teachers, but a celebration of graduation and my continuing to work with Young Ah, as well as congratulating Hae In on becoming a homeroom teacher, which she really wanted. I hope I can still hang out with her after, because she's super sweet and fun).

I hope all is well at home and you're all still staying warm. Spring will be here soon. Fighting!!!

Sooooo Kpop time.

We've got some girl groups for you today (I posted a couple more separately here):

First is Girl's Generation, a mega group in Korea consisting of 9 members. They made headlines this year by beating out names like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and even PSY for the Youtube Music Awards Best Video of the Year

And some Miss A with I Don't Need a Man, because I like them and it's an awesome song.

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