Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 6 months to me!

Well, it's a big milestone today. 6 months ago, I landed here in South Korea. I was exhausted, sick and terrified. But my journey thus far has been wonderful. I am lucky to have been placed at a great school with awesome co workers and fun kids. I am lucky I was placed near Sarah and that I roomed with Lauren at orientation, and that we became close and live only 2 subways stops away from each other. 

I have a good job, good friends, I'm surrounded by good food and amazing experiences. Life could be a lot worse right now. 

Today passed with only moderate fanfare. I cleaned up the house and packed, since we are going to Busan tomorrow! 

Got my new books- it says Christina Seon Saeng Nim
which means Christina Teacher.
 I just like my name in Korean
 Sarah, Lauren and I couldn't let 6 months go by without a celebration, so we headed to a pub we like in Itaewon, The Wolfhound, for fish and chips and Magner's Pear Cider. Deliciooooouuus. We also shared some apple crumble, just to toast to our achievement of living and thriving here for the last 6 months.

Celebrating with 2 of my best friends. Idk what I'd do without
these lovely ladies

In other news, the guy who I went out with on Valentine's Day invited me to a hologram concert tonight, which was kind of interesting but also weird. I went cause it was a hologram concert of Big Bang, but it turned out to only be like 2 songs...

Just a nice pic of a more happening area of Seoul

If you took a picture in one of the photo booths, they put them on the screen and the holograms of the members picked some of their 'favorites' and one got to be a winner. My photo was bad, haha, and of course I was the only foreigner there, but I was delighted/embarrassed when 'T.O.P' chose my picture (holo-T.O.P. even called it sexy. Be still my heart), and was even more mortified/happy when they picked me as the winner. Haha it was ridiculous but fun.

the closest I'll ever get to a picture with

it was fun

Well, off to Busan in the morning! Hope all is well, and thank you all for the love, support and encouragement you've all given me these past 6 months. I'm looking forward to many more great experiences here in Seoul. Happy 6 months, and here's to many more!

Aaaand here's a song I'm digging. Because Ailee is awesome and because Lee Joon from MBLAQ is in the video and I love me some Joon.

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