Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kpop playlist part whatever

Stuff I'm listening to now (non Big Bang). To you who always skip these posts (Mom, lookin at you), all I'm saying is that even if you don't understand them, they've got some really great beats and tunes. A lot of them have become my workout songs because they work well, speed wise, as motivators. And if you fall in love with kpop, you'll want to jam out to your favorites too.

I don't listen to as many girl groups (so many kpop groups, so little time), but here are 2 groups that I'm really digging.

Miss A- Hush. Because it's catchy and awesome. Suzy from Miss A is suuuuper popular. She's the one on the far right in the beginning with the curtains. I listen to this one all the time. I'm hooked. (couldn't find the vid with eng subs)

2ne1 (pronounced Twenty One)- I Am the Best. The ultimate girl power song,  it asks- Who is the best? I am the best. You think you're the best? no, no no, I am the best.  Plus, crazy outfits, animals and being fabulous in sky high heels? Yeah, they're pretty amazing


Shinee's back again with Everybody!! This one is pretty Dubstep-y for some reason...? But Shinee dancing is always worth a watch

Yet another "doesn't make much sense" Kpop video, here's Block B with Very Good, which is SUPER popular here. You hear it ALL the time

Here's Beast or B2ST with Shadow. I really dig this video and it's awesomeness. and I think it's catchy.

Last, we have B.A.P. with Badman (apparently I really dig boy bands that start with B: BIGBANG, Beast, B1A4, Block B, B.A.P... dammit Shinee, messing up my pattern!). I really like this song. The video is interesting.

This video did get some heat for being racist, but the video was shot in Detroit and had an open casting call, from which many people were hired. There is a variety of people on both sides of authority in the video...  and there was a bit of controversy over the partial blackface, and also some Bigbang fans mistakenly accused BAP of copying the whole rioter idea from Fantastic Baby (cause riots have NEVER been used before...)

Anywho, there's always some scandal or another going on in kpop. But I still really like this song, bottom line.

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