Saturday, February 27, 2010

Italiano no è facile

I'm too lazy to find out how to type the accents onto the computer, although I could just find an Italian site and copy and paste... never mind, I found the codes, although I doubt I'll be able to remember them...

Anyway, I'm updating this rather frequently and I know that's odd but I'm bored and just finished most of my homework... I'm sure I won't do this that often when I get busy, but right now I like the venting thing. It seems we won't be watching Hamlet today, and my ride to the Relay for Life hasn't contacted me, so I might have to text her in a few... I just get nervous talking to people I don't know that well, but she seems really nice and sweet. So...

Alright, back to the Italian. I started learning Italian by myself seriously in my senior year of high school, and now plan on having it as my minor. I have no idea why I love Italy and Italian so much, but hey,most dreams are kind of random and unexplainable right? I bought the Rosetta Stone for it using my hard earned BK money maybe a year ago and I'm about halfway through the program. I could be done, but I'm too nervous doing it when my roommates or family are around cause its kind of weird to be talking to the computer saying things like "Il bambino corre. Le bambine corrono" while people are in the same room. For the record, that means the boy runs, the girls run. Making things plural in Italian takes a lot of memorization as well, but I won't go into that- it just is way harder than adding an s...

Anyway, I'm posting this because I was just doing my homework in Italian, and it is starting to get REALLY complex. Like they have a different verb form for EVERYTHING. Past, repeated past, future, conditional (I would like... I could...) present progressive (I am doing...) past progressive (I was doing...) and they're not that hard, except the newest one I'm learning just doesn't seem to fit in.

We are learning the conditional, and I'm cursing the snow, because it always makes sense when she teaches us in class. Granted, I know part of the form (the io/I) because I learned it from watching Disney movies and listening to phantom in Italian. Basically, its the same as the future tense with different endings, but these endings don't seem to fit. Italian usually flows so nice and beautifully, but for some reason, these don't sound like it, and are really going to annoy me.

For example, to say I would like something, you say Vorrei qualcosa (literally I would like something haha) but to say you want something its Vorresti qualcosa, he/she is Vorrebbe, and that just sounds weird. And the loro (they) form is Vorrebbero. And it just doesn't sound like la bella lingua to me.

I may have to spend some time practicing with Professoressa Cozzarelli before our next test, cause it just isn't sticking... I mean, I love Italian so I'm totally committed to learning it, I'm just finding it un po' dificile at the moment.

Maybe it is because we've had about 5 weeks of classes with no breaks (unless you count the ONE delayed day a break). I really want break to come. Cause that means our Final Fantasy Adventure will begin!

On that note, I usually on my old blog used to like to post what I was listening to. Usually in my life this would be Phantom, but on this particular day I am so excited to be playing soon that I am listening to my mixed list of Final Fantasy music, which is seriously some of the best music I have heard. A few minutes ago it was a piano song from FFX, but now its epic music from VIII. I. Am. So. Pumped.

Seriously, Spring Break can't come soon enough. Especially since stupid International Trade will be over with...

Currently listening to: Final Fantasy Mix: The Landing (Before that was To Zanarkand)

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