Sunday, February 28, 2010

Procrastination- Sorry it is a long one again, Liz...

So yeah, I should be doing my homework right about now. I mean, I'm done with most of it, but I really need to keep up with studying verb tenses and vocab in Italian, cause it is really easy to fall behind. And Italian is the ONE class I WILL NOT slack in. So basically that means I have to study that and stats, the class that is going to mess up my 4.0 most likely (but I decided last night that it didn't matter- grades aren't everything) and do some stupid highlighting stuff for International about Toyota and Hyundai. Yes, we've been talking about cars for the past like 4 classes. So. Boring.

So instead I thought I would update my Blog. Again. I'm still trying to think of a better name for it, but I can't come up with anything wonderful from either Phantom or Final Fantasy. The former because there are so many good lines that either don't apply or I just can't think of them (I think this one that I have is a bit too long... Though I like it...) And the latter because I a.) Don't want to spoil anything for my friends who will be playing, b.) Don't want to confuse the people who haven't and probably won't play and c.) Again, there are soo many epic things I could put in here that probably wouldn't make sense or apply to a blog. So yeah, I guess it's staying like that for a while.

I think my plan is working. I've been listening to my Final Fantasy music nonstop, and although Phantom is perpetually on my mind, I'm not only listening to that for hours on end, nor am I watching endless videos of it. I'm only watching my favorite Final Fantasy cutscenes now, since that seems to be my current kick.

In my love and adoration of Final Fantasies VII, VIII, and X I seem to have forgotten to mention IX and XII. We won't be playing either (nor VII, I just can't handle the graphics anymore) because we don't have the time to play either. We have to beat VIII by the end of the semester, and hopefully X and maybe kingdom hearts by the end of next fall semester before London. Perhaps i can bring KH2 over for us to play, I don't know (I may end up buying my own PS2 after all, but for now I can just borrow Andrea's). And XII took Cesca and I AGES to complete, it is just a longer and denser game, and it was good, just not the best. Though on that note, I think it won't be that hard to beat VIII by the end, because Sarah and Alysia can advance the plot, and I can do the mundane side quests that seem pointless (like ultimate weapons, hidden summons and items, etc) but they will help us DOMINATE in the end. I can do those in the off hours when someone is busy and we can't go any farther. It's gonna be sweet.

Anyway, we're starting out with VIII because it is my favorite, though X is a reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally close second, and also because it is for the original playstation, and as such, the graphics (while good for their time) aren't up to par with any games for PS2, so if we played X first, I don't think they'd be able to handle the inferior graphics and that's a shame because the game is soooooo good. You can see the difference between the graphics in the opening FMVs of both, though I like VIII's better, both are equally confusing until you play the game!

Final Fantasy X

And Final Fantasy VIII

I think that VIII's is actually better, even though it is more ambiguous. Neither one actually tells you much about the game, although VIII's integrates into the story whereas X's is just the beginning part of it. And the music is more smooth in VIII's I think, I don't know, I like it better. But both games have some AMAZING music. Like, gorgeously wonderful music. I can't legitamately compare the endings, because the stories and such are so different it's like apples and oranges (though, in my defense, I don't actually eat apples and oranges, so neither makes a difference to me...) And they can't either cause I'm the only one that plays, so we'll just have to see!

So yeah, watch and enjoy. If you're Alysia and Sarah, you'll be enjoying the full awesomeness of both of these games in mere weeks time, and if you aren't playing with us, well, those won't make much sense, but they're still cool videos. I'm actually really happy to be introducing more people to the games, and I'm glad I'll be able to explain some of the more confusing plot points along the way, cause the Japanese make some complicated plots that can take a long time to understand. I've been playing these for over 10 years, so I'm pretty well versed in their storylines. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Currently listening to: "Suteki da Ne" ("Isn't it wonderful?") from FFX. I recommend waiting to hear the song til we play the game, cause if you look it up on youtube, there's major spoilers and that's no fun. PLEASE don't spoil the games for yourselves, it is soooo much more meaningful when you find things out along with the characters and live their journey with them, I PROMISE it is worth the wait. I'm trusting you guys!

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