Saturday, February 27, 2010


I'm slightly bored as I sit here this fine, snowy Saturday morning. I know it is going to be a good day- breakfast with my friends and Hamlet with David Tennant. What could be better? I'm nervous about going to Relay for Life with the Peer Advisors, because I'm not sure how to get to know them, as they're mostly upperclassmen and I'm a lowly freshman... Sort of. My whole credit thing always confuses me. And I'm made I forgot to mention in my interview how I had a lot of credits and can help those who have the same problem. Shit. Gosh I hope I get that job... I love BK but I don't think I can take 4 months of working there for 30+ hours a week.

Besides BK and maybe Orientation, the only other 2 big things I have planned for the summer are the Ren Fest in Sterling (which I still need to complete my costume for, if I don't feel like going as a pirate again) and GOING TO SEE PHANTOM!!! The Cleveland stop is like the 3rd or 4th to last of the tour ending in November =(, which means I HAVE to be there. That's the closest it will ever be to me. So yeah, me, Cesca, Ronnie and Lauren (and maybe Ronnie's sister Katrina) will be heading there in July because they all have to see it live (Cesca has, but 7 years ago.

On a related note, the NYC trip for honors is next week and I can tell it is going to be awesome- first, because we are going to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA, and my love of Tim Burton, especially The Nightmare Before Christmas, is well documented. Then, at night, we are going to see La Boheme, the basis for Rent, another one of my favorite musicals. Extra points because it is in Italian. Maybe I can get a bonus from my Italian professor? haha

What I'm most excited about though, is the free time. Sarah and I are going to walk to the Majestic Theater (barring any major interruptions or disturbances) so I can try and meet John Cudia again. Seriously, I was a giddy mess last time and didn't articulate how much I love the show and how awesome he is, so I want to try again. This time, I'll try not to be so starstruck. I'm a bit sad I can't see the show again, but in a way it is good, since I need to be saving my money for London (and then I can see it on the West End!!!)

Also, last night was really awesome but ended badly. We watched Mulan, which I love, then I showed them Battle Royale- its a great albeit gruesome movie about testing the bonds of friendship and such. I recommend it- its a Japanese film not commercially available in the US, but its on youtube and I have a copy...

Then we skyped Casey, who I miss a lot, and then I was showing my friends the most memorable scene in the Final Fantasy Series- Aerith's death (FFVII). Cause if you're gonna game with me, you have to see that scene. EVERYONE who plays FF KNOWS that scene. Unfortunately, as soon as it started, I felt ungodly hot and feverish, plus weak and nauseous. I have no idea why, so I had to leave the room. I felt really bad, but I was shaky and weak the rest of the night and ended up just going to bed soon after. I cannot wait to play VIII, though, seriously, it is so good. And I have played it enough that we can't really eff it up, since I know how to do most of the stuff. I REALLY want to finish by the end of the semester, so we have about 7 weeks (we begin after break). I'm confident we can do it, even if it means me doing all the mundane yet necessary side quests in the wee hours of the morning. Or playing less solitaire. When I have nothing to do, that's what I do... I can make it more productive!!!!

So yeah, I'm trying to lessen my Phantom fanaticism right now, cause I've been listening to it nonstop for a couple of months. It's time to give some of my other obsessions a chance to shine, especially given that the stupid sequel is upsetting me a lot and I need to get my mind off of that...

So yeah, I woke up early and was bored (though I'm feeling MUCH better) so this is what you get. Bored rantings of a video game/phantom obsessed chocoholic. Seriously, I go through AT LEAST a pound of m&m minis a month, plus more hershey's chocolate. I might have a slight addiction...

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