Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby it's cold... inside?

So. As I hear, back home in the states ya'll are getting pounded with snow and freezing temperatures that will be talked about for years to come.

Well, I have to say, that stinks. But you know what? I'm almost in no better a position here. This weekend, on a lovely Friday morning, we woke up to no hot water. And no heat. We cleaned the flat, hoping it was temporary. So far, it hasn't been. After a call to our landlord, we waited, hoping the hot water guy would come like he was supposed to.

Now here is the problem with London and Europe in general. Everyone is very laid back. Which is nice for things like being late to work because they really don't care. Not so nice when you need a repairman ASAP and he is in no rush to get to you. Fun. Times.

As luck would have it, Sarah and I were the only ones available to sit around waiting all day yesterday for the guy since he didn't come friday. Liz had a date with a British boy she met at a club and Casey and Andrea had a rugby match to attend for their Sports and the UK class. Which mean Sarah and I got 'wait for the repairman duty.' again.

He decided to show up at around 3 yesterday, and he's really nice, but he told us the problem wasn't the water as it was last time. It was that there was no gas. No gas = no hot water or heat. And it isn't his problem to fix it. Great. So our landlord (who is kind of a jerk when you need something done, when you're paying him he's nice... go figure) supposedly called the gas guy who still hasn't contacted us.

So, since we had no hot water this weekend, we ventured over to our friend Ian's flat (luckily his flatmates were in Amsterdam this weekend) and used their shower Friday. But man, we miss ours. Guys flats just aren't, well, the same. We may have to repeat that process tonight if we want to be clean for Monday. Ugh. This. Sucks.

In other news, we went on a Beatles walk around Piccadilly today and concluded with a stop at Trafalgar Square to watch the Chinese New Year Celebration. Happy Year of the Rabbit! It was pretty sweet but wwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy  crowded. I did score a cute headband that will have no use other than for the Chinese New Year, but hey, it made me pretty popular. I had at least 3 strange people take pics of me (and believe me, they weren't discreet) and it got me quite a few looks on the tub, but it was a great time!

So now I'm finishing some homework while freezing as the lingering heat is diminishing and it's getting chilly in here. I really hope the repair guy comes today...

Ready to celebrate!

They found a statue to be creepers on

The stage for the ceremony

Dance of the Lions

That was a dragon

My cool new headband and a chicken dumpling for lunch!

Andrea's dragon eating Liz on the tube


  1. haha thanks! Totally wearing it when we go clubbing next time.

    I seriously got photographed by like 3 random people. It was an interesting experience.

  2. The one thing I hate about Europeans is how laid back they are. It's takes things forever to get done. Very frustrating.