Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

I'm trying to be creative with titles here. So sue me!

Anyway, this weekend ended up being a quiet one as 3 of my 4 flatmates were not in the flat. Liz went to visit amigas in Madrid (haha, see what I did there, because it's in Spain!) and Andrea and Casey went to Liverpool. Now, I'm all for class subsidized trips (The West Country one was awesome!) but since I found out that the Edinburgh trip is like twice the cost of a normal trip and I'm not really that invested in Beatles history (let's face it, that's basically all Liverpool is) I opted to skip this one.

I am a bit jealous though. They did get to go in the Yellow Submarine...

Instead, I spent a quiet Friday writing an essay for my International Business Operations class. So, if anyone needs to know information about the formation and goals of the European Monetary System and the creation of the euro, I'm your gal. But seriously, that wasn't a fun time.

What was a fun time was spending the next day out with my lovely flatmate and former US roommate, Sarah Singer. We decided to not get an early start because we are lazy. So we headed out around like 11 or so towards Marble Arch, where we hit up some souvenir shops so I could pick up some postcards (I'm collecting them for a professor at home) and then check out some store that many of our peers have raved about, Primark. Now, Primark is basically like Forever 21 at home. Except it is a lot more organized. Though not less hectic. We wanted to try things on (because I only have a rough estimate as to what my UK size is) but there was a line of at least 50 people. So we said "No way Jose!" and just bought the stuff we wanted (after checking the return policy- 28 days with a receipt!)
The Marble Arch

Long story short, got a cute skirt, and a couple tops for not that much, though I'm just going to forget about the horrible exchange rate. After wandering around a few more markets (Petticoat included, which was kind of deserted because of the rain) we headed back home. But we were hungry, so we of course stopped for the most elegant, classy meal that Britain has to offer: Fish and Chips (take that Cesca and your pear ravioli with zucchini and whatever sauce).
My delicious fish and chips. I have no idea why they give you a serving of fish big enough for 3 people, but let me just say that it is incredibly delicious. Surprised I like it? Me too.

So yeah, not a huge amazing weekend, but it was nice and relaxing. Sarah, Liz and I are planning a trip to the Tower of London next weekend, so I'll keep you posted on that.

Shout out to all my family members reading from home, I hear mom sent ya the link. Hope you're all enjoying my adventures and pictures!

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  1. So happy to keep up with your adventures!
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