Friday, February 11, 2011


So, this week has been a lot of ups and downs. The up started on Monday when we got our heat and hot water back. Thank the stars, because I was not looking forward to another round of 'Let's stick my head under the ice cold water so that I can wash my hair!' 

So yeah, major up. Then on Tuesday, after actually staying awake and aware during my Women in Britain class, I got to Skype with Ronnie at home. It was so nice to talk to a friend from home and hear all about life across the pond (not that talking to my parents isn't lovely, but we talk about different things). I set up a Skype date with Lauren for Saturday, so I'm super stoked about that.

That night, my flatmates and I headed out for a night on the town. Not really, we actually headed to the Ambassador's Theatre to see Showstopper, in improvised musical. Despite the fact that we had to ask for directions like 4 times and most people gave us pretty bad ones, we found the theatre and sat back and relaxed. Now this show is pretty basic to understand. There's a writer on the phone with his producer and he says he has a musical ready and prepared to put on. He doesn't really, so he needs the audience's help in making a show stopping musical that his producer will love. Ours ended up being about an opera house in the Amazon that is made out of a tree with a moat of magical piranhas that was protected by natives. The musical number choices that we had yelled out included a Glee number, a flamenco dance, a Mozart themed number and something akin to We Will Rock You. You could tell they were just having a great time, and we did too. It was also a short show, which is a nice break from the 2 hour plus shows I normally see.

Speaking of shows, my tickets to Phantom for next week arrived in the mail, and I also printed out my tickets for when Cesca visits. We are seeing Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies. I know, I'm surprised at myself too. Partially because I swore I never would see it, and partially because I am really curious and kind of excited. At least Cesca and I can share the misery together while seeing Ramin Karimloo, who I would have preferred to see as the Phantom (the real one). Whatever, it will be a good time and I kind of need to see it anyway. It's like how I watch all of the stupid movie adaptations just to see how they are. 

Now the downs. Our washer is broken again. I have barely gotten to wash like anything here because I'm not home when people do laundry (and it will be running when I get home since the washer takes forever) or it has been broken. Well, it filled up with water again and now our sink isn't draining properly. This sucks. Seriously, almost anything that can go wrong has here. Stupid flat. 

I'm also not sure about my internship. My boss still isn't back from Australia and I'm not really sure what I'm learning, besides how many different types of birthday cards there are in the world. I'm going to talk to my internship coordinator next week and see what she thinks. If I have to stick it out, I will. The people I work with are nice and I keep meeting people from Phantom (though I try and contain my obsessiveness and act cool) so it isn't so bad.

Anyway, that's about all. Here are some pics to brighten your day!

This is what we do when we are bored and have no heat or hot water. Andrea gets on Casey's shoulders!

Liz is making sure they don't die

But they all almost died

This one is for my dad. He kept telling me about Mousestrap before I came. So we walked by it on the way to the show and I had to snap a pic!

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