Saturday, February 26, 2011


In my continual planning discussions with my flatmates, my sister and my mother, I have been avidly updating my Google calendar in order to keep track of everything we have planned. Plus I really just like writing things down. I loved seeing my months get fuller and fuller, packed with spring break plans and school trips and when I had extra work shifts at the London Centre.

But looking at it now, about halfway through, both thrills me and makes me nervous/sad. Sad because half of my time here is spent. Nervous because we have packed a ton of things to do into the next two months. Thrilled because I am going to get to do and see so much that I never thought possible and it is going to be a blast.

The outlook:
Cesca will be here Tuesday until Friday- we are exploring and seeing 2 shows in the evening. Friday I leave for Italy, followed by Spain and France, which makes up my Spring Break.

The weekend after (St. Patrick's Day Weekend) we are heading up to Stratford Upon Avon to see Romeo and Juliet and a bunch of Shakespeare-y stuff.

Andrea's parents are visiting the weekend after and we are seeing Les Mis (YES!!!!!!!!!!)

The weekend after that we are heading to Dublin for some Irish lovin'. After our return Andrea and I will be enjoying a performance of The Lion King, which I cannot wait to see again. I'll also include a trip or two more to see Phantom in April and May. I will then have completed my goal of seeing it once a month while here! Yes. I really made that a goal.

The weekend after that Casey is visiting a friend in Germany so I'll probably take the time to indulge myself and go to the Globe Theatre and Imperial War Museum, either on my own or with anyone who wants to accompany me.

Then there is the Edinburgh trip, and the next weekend, Easter weekend, we are planning a day trip to Dover to see the cliffs and enjoy stuff. My dad suggests we take the ferry over and see the beaches of Normandy, but I'm honestly not sure how much money I'm going to have left at that point, haha (family and especially Mom- please don't read this and worry. I'm joking. I will have enough money).

The following weekend is THE ROYAL WEDDING which I plan on avoiding or watching on TV since I work on Fridays I wouldn't be able to go or anything. Unless I get a shift cover, which I can do. We will see how that goes.

That leads to finals week, so I have a free weekend at the end and then I am heading home. It is sad to see my calendar say May 9- Back to USA and then see a pretty much blank calendar before me. After months of craziness and so much to do and see, it is kind of depressing to think about the adventure ending. Good thing I'll be back to Europe soon!

Talk about a crazy life. We also have to squeeze in trips to King's Cross to see Harry Potter stuff like platform 9 3/4, and a trip to the London Eye so we can ride it and look out at the glory of London. Sounds pretty cool.

Oh yeah. I have classes. I might be doing homework sometime too. Probably not though :)

No pics yet today, haven't done anything crazy since Wednesday. Heading to the Tower of London today and then Fleet Street to sing "The Worst Pies in London" while eating meat pies. I'm so cool, I know.

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