Thursday, March 17, 2011


In an attempt to finish my spring break updates before I leave for Startford-upon-Avon tomorrow to see Romeo and Juliet (for which, there will be a post and I want to catch up on the last two cities. I can assure you that this whole blogging about 7 cities thing is a difficult task to accomplish, between catching up with laundry and London life, but it is a labour of love for you all, my dear readers. And thus, we continue on with Barcelona.

It was a bit gloomy when we got to Barcelona but we made the most of it. Casey, Liz and Andrea headed to the beach anyway, determined to have more beach time on our break. Sarah and I asked for advice from the guy at our hostel, and he told us about a great area. After figuring out the metro and map, we ended up on the 5th Avenue of Barcelona. It is so much fun to walk down a street past such stores like Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss and more.

we also saw some cool Gaudi architecture

We then got to the market/shopping area for normal people where I found an awesome bag from a store called Desigual. We tried to find some Barcelona t shirts, but the vendors were very pushy and intense and made me really annoyed and uncomfortable, plus the shirts were really campy and kind of tacky. I decided my bag was a good enough souvenir and we headed to get some food. Our food of the day included Dulce de Leche waffles, more gelato (not as good as Italy’s of course) and finally some paella! I was dying to try some, and it was pretty good. Not my favourite dish ever, but it was pretty delicious. Like London, apparently the main dish of a country must be served in huge portions, so I couldn’t finish. It was great though. 

How will I ever eat a normal waffle again?

Paella de pollo. Yum!

Then Sarah and I, being dorks, headed to a bookstore we had seen earlier. We had great fun looking for books in Spanish, comparing their titles and covers and just finding things we knew about. I even found a Phantom related book… It is only in Spanish though. Hmmm. Might be time to start practicing Spanish again…

The Hunger Games, one of my favourite books, in Catalan! 

Comparing the Catalan and Spanish versions of Mockingjay, the 3rd book of The Hunger Games trilogy

I might have to just try and read this in Spanish. 

It was a fun but long day so we headed back early to the hostel and hung out in the cool lounge that was downstairs. We decided that the next day was going to be easy so we weren’t going to do anything major before our flight to Paris. This turned out to be a great decision since it was POURING the next day. Literally like rivers of water and sideways rain kind of pouring. So we got food, what else, kebabs, and then chilled around the hostel till it was time to go. I even taught Liz how to play chess, but I don’t know if she remembers how the pieces move. Maybe I’ll quiz her later.

It was literally like a river.

We got to the airport in plenty of time, because Barcelona only has one airport. It was a pretty big airport and we thought it would be busy because it was a Friday afternoon. Nope. Empty. We sat around a bit, bought some chocolate from the duty free and then boarded our next plane to the lovely city of Paris.

What we left in Barcelona

Then we flew above it. So pretty!

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