Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After a relatively painless train ride to Perugia with Cesca, we stopped off at one of Cesca's recommended restaurants with her and some flatmates. It is the one where they give you a four course meal for 15 euro. So prime. Not the Italian food I was picturing, but it was nice to have something different for a change (especially since all I ate for the rest of the time in Italy was gelato, pizza and some nutella... yeah).

Sunday Cesca showed us all around Perugia. It is such a beautiful place with so much activity and fun. It is so homey and wonderful. It was probably my favorite place in Italy. We wandered around all over, seeing the Basilica, some views, some pizza places and just some great sights. Lots of cats, also. I wanted to take like 5 home, but I'm sure my dad would kill me.

The weather was wonderfully perfect- it was warm and sunny. I didn't even need my coat! Sure, it is still like winter in Italy so people thought we were crazy, but it was glorious. Loved it so much.

Not much to tell about it, saw some great places and views, ate some great food, spent some time with mia bella sorella. Perfect day.
Getting ready for our classy Italian meal

Cesca broke the chair

Kebab- new favorite food

Kitty that looks like Sinatra!

We bought great food from a cafe!

Italian drinking fountains are literally fountains

Totally rode that. It was awesome

Found another cat

Best tour guide on a gorgeous day

una bella citta

Mom wants me to bring this one home

One of many gelatos

My own pizza. I thought Cesca was kidding

Cesca got the most Italian one ever, can't you tell?


Dominic the Donkey underwear. So cool

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