Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Touristy Things

We rode the London Eye, finally! You know what this means? There is finally something I can say I did that my dad can't say "I've been there..." or "I've done that..." HA!

Anyway, it was pleasant. You're in an enclosed capsule thing and the ride is really smooth, so you don't get motion sickness (something I was very concerned about). The city looks amazing from all the way up there. I don't know why, but when you're just walking around it doesn't seem like it's a huge city. But when you're up top and it is all you can see for miles, you remember how huge London is.

The Eye Pod. I am so witty

Big Ben and Parliament view from the Eye

The National Theatre

We took a nice stroll along the Thames and saw Parliament from the other side, which was nice. It looks really pretty at night. Then we headed back to our flat and showed Andrea's parents and their friends our accommodations. They thought it was cute. Yeah, we did too, until you cram 5 girls in for 4 months. It hasn't been easy, but we're managing.

Parliament from across the Thames

That was about it. I had a busy Monday, as always, since I have work then a show for my Drama and the London Theatre class. It was alright, but I'm coming down with a cold or something again (just in time for Dublin, yay! Stupid immume system) so I just wanted to go home.

Tried to figure out my schedule for next semester since the classes are up. I have a non-negotiable schedule of 5 classes in a row on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I could have 6, but I think I'll take an honors seminar on Tuesday/Thursday to make me have something to do that day. Yeah. 18 credits again! Sounds... great...

Today for my Women in Britain class we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and had a blast. I tried on a corset (though I have one already, haha thanks to Ren Fest) and crinoline, which was super fun. We also wandered around and saw tons of sculptures and artifacts. All in all, a good trip. Especially since it got us out of class. Yay!!!

Albert, you're looking dashing today.

too lazy to do the whole corset up, but did the top and bottom. Plus the skirt yeah. I'm that cool

Again, this corset had a weird hook and eye kind of clasp, when you did the middle it would mess up the top and come undone. Too much work, so Sarah and I just did the top and bottom. You get the point

Balloon display thing?

some cool stuff here

This is a bed cover. The Japan room was my favourite


China was cool too

This poem reminded me of my grandmother

Love you always and miss you xoxo

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