Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Update

Quick note also, this may be the best birthday I've had. Though I didn't get to share it with Cesca, we did spend lots of time together last week and did get to chat today, so it was not like we were deprived of each other. Though I do wish she could be here... Anyway...

Sofia Escobar from Phantom stopped by my work and wished me a happy birthday and was so nice! I was downstairs and a coworker came down and said "Christina, there's a Sofia here for you?" I was like 'what!?!?', and I walked upstairs, opened the door and there she was. She's got the most brilliant smile and overall sweet demeanor, and she was so friendly. She was like "How's your day!? I didn't know you worked here!" She even gave me a card. I'm so beyond amazed. Sarah had tweeted her and asked her to come. What a great friend!

The card Sofia gave me. Please note my 'Birthday Princess' crown. I did not wear it all day. Maybe I should have?

She's like the nicest person ever

Then my coworkers took me out for a drink at this really classy bar. We got some wine and ordered a British cheese plate, which was totally great and a good experience. I really loved hanging out with them, actually. I'm going to be so sad to leave.

I arrived home to a home cooked meal of chicken parm and garlic bread, made by my lovely flatmate Liz. Delicious. She made me an ice cream cake too!

I feel so lucky today :)

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