Sunday, April 3, 2011

In Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty

To introduce the wonders of this blog post, here is a picture of Casey and I with an awesome statue in Dublin

So, if you couldn't tell, I went to Dublin this weekend. Let me say, it was amazing.

First of all, the morning prior, Casey and I had to give a presentation on Airbus vs Boeing for our International Business class. Not the best presentation I've done, but we looked good in our business casual and I think my teacher sort of likes us anyway, cause he knows I speak Italian and he lived in Italy for a while. Yeah, we have a bond. Not really.

Anyway, then we watched the 39 Steps in my Drama class cause we're seeing it in a few weeks, soooo that's pretty cool. It's an Alfred Hitchcock film and it is pretty awesome, so I'm excited to see the show.

Then we high tailed it outta there so we could catch our bus to Stanstead, since all the airports in London are like an hour + outside of the city. Lame. Liz was also sick like a dog which made dragging a 20 kilo suitcase around 3 tube stations a great time. yeah. Glad that's over with.

So yeah, we got to the airport no problems, but our flight was obnoxiously late. Ryanair doesn't have an amazing record in my book. Only one of my flights on Spring Break was on time.

We didn't do anything Thursday night because we spent like an hour trying to find our hostel because the directions weren't wonderful, but we got there. Not the most amazing hostel in the world, but for our purposes it was alright.

We picked up a map in the morning and decided to spend the day walking the city and exploring. We hit up things like the Ha'penny bridge, the Viking part of town (not that cool), St. Stephen's Green, which is a park, and some other stuff.

The next day we went on a tour of Wicklow National Park, which I wanted to do and got my friends to come  do also. It was amazing and totally worth it. We stopped at a pub for some grub and I got this amazing guinness and beef stew. Ah. Mazing. We saw sights from a lot of movies like P. S. I Love You, Reign of Fire, Braveheart and others. We saw Glendelaugh, which was an ancient monastic, er, monastery? Pretty much the countryside of Ireland. It was really refreshing to get out of cities for a day.

Basically, I'm really bad at describing this trip because it is totally indescribable. The pictures don't even do it justice, but they're better than what I'm saying right now so I'll just post a bunch of pictures and try and describe them anyway. Maybe that will help.

K so first of all, this lady had a Grommit backpack. So. Cool.

Moving on

I wanted a nice picture of them and the Ha'penny bridge... yup

Litter is disgusting

We bought rings! So pretty. Andrea and I each got a claddagh ring, Casey a Celtic something

Entry into the beautiful park

St. Stephen's Green

Pigeon man!!! Seriously, he had like 100s surrounding him

Street performer WALKING ON FIRE


Sidewalk art

The cool Irish bartenders we met. Darragh and Lemons

Our tour bus. Small but pleasant
Plus our adorable guide who made us tea on the side of the road!
Just outside the city

Sheep! Saw tons on the tour
Such a beautiful site on a beautiful day

So many cool hidden things

Can't remember the name, but this was amazing!!!!

Unbelievably beautiful

The P. S. I Love You bridge

Of course I had to take a pic. Please don't mine the hair, it was incredibly windy
My scrumptious Guinness and Beef Stew

A bunch of the ruins of Glendelough
Giant rock while we were hiking in Wicklow

It was a torrential downpour about 15 minutes before this, if you can believe it

Goodbye Dublin! I'll be back!

My souvenirs... Irish candy haha

So yeah, I totally want to come back. Add Ireland to the list of places I could totally live when I'm older. Apparently, if you leave Ireland wearing a claddagh ring, you're destined to come back. I sure hope so!

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